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Clinician Executive Program (CEMED)

Program Description

The CEMED program is a four-year longitudinal curriculum providing insights into the clinician executive skills and knowledge essential to addressing the complex leadership challenges resulting from healthcare organizational and health policy changes that impact the way clinicians provide care. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration among clinician leaders and non-clinician administrative leaders in healthcare delivery organizations today and in the future. Students from Chicago, Peoria and Rockford campus may apply.


Students Experience in the CEMED Program

The CEMED program seeks to begin development of future clinician executives in health care who will be capable of integrating the insights and skills of the experienced clinician with the perspectives and skills of health system administrators. The unique characteristics of the health care enterprise and the intimate services provided to each patient demand the integration of these clinician and executive special insights that have no parallel in any other industry. This is a particular challenge because the professional development of clinicians does not generally provide understanding of the management and population-based perspectives necessary for administration of a healthcare organization.

Students will gain competency in interdisciplinary problem-solving through seminars, readings, a special project, and advice and council from a mentor.  The emphasis is on appreciation and understanding of varying perspectives brought from other disciplines, including health policy and politics, strategic planning, marketing, financial management, health economics, decision analysis, human resources, and ethics.  A CEMED clinical mentor will provide contextual and relevant information related to healthcare systems operations and leadership.


Please click here to download the application. All applications are due March 1, 2018 by 5PM CST.