Archived Highlights And News

IEEI Grant
IEEI Grant:
Research to Prevent Blindness awards the Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary unrestricted grant  more
Bellur S. Prabhakar
Loss of Function of a Single Gene Linked to Diabetes in Mice  more
A pair of new assays that can detect key Alzheimer’s molecules in human brain tissues and in lab mice may offer a quick way to identify new effective drug treatments.  more
Plastic Water Bottle
Fetal exposure to common plastic additive may have serious results later   more
UI Health leads trial to help kids with asthma  more
New initiative of the UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Science includes College of Medicine, the College of Pharmacy, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences   more
Grant will fund development of chemical countermeasures.   more
Jammed molecular motors may play role in development of ALS   more
Adult stem cells help build human blood vessels in engineered tissues   more
Funds for a research center were announced for the College of Medicine at Rockford.
A $3 million gift from a Rockford-area foundation will help fund a multidisciplinary center for cell regeneration research at the College of Medicine at Rockford.  more
$2 Million Award:
UIC researchers win research awards to improve patient care.  more
The Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Awards   more
Vicente Fernández Gómez and doctors
Robotic Surgery:
Mexican Singer Vicente Fernández Gómez Receives Life-Saving Surgery at UI Hospital  more
Dr. Goldstein
Orthopaedic surgeon receives UIC College of Medicine alumni award   more
Close up of baby
Delaying Childbirth
Freezing eggs or ovarian tissue for the sole purpose of delaying childbearing for social reasons may prove too costly for society, according to a recent analysis by a University of Illinois researcher.   more
Fitness Study
UIC Study Examines Exercise and Weight Loss for Older Adults with Osteoarthritis  more
Doctor's Office Visit
Genetic Link to Prostate Cancer Risk in African Americans Found  more
$3.4M HHS Grant
Addressing Disparities in Minority Health Care   more
CPR Demonstration
Heart Rescue
UI Health Leads Life-Saving Partnership  more
Bellur S. Prabhakar
Medicine Researcher Takes His Discoveries Into the World.  more
A Better Grade:
The College of Medicine Received B Rating on The American Medical Student Association PharmFree Scorecard  more
Feeding Mouse Pup
Bisphenol A
Gail Prins, Ph.D, is becoming a central figure in basic research and policy deliberations regarding adverse effects of bisphenol A.   more
Global Health Research Collaborative: Improving Health Around the World   more
Dr. Carl C. Bell
CHAMPSA Initiative
Chicago HIV Prevention Program Adapted for South Africa May Help Curb Spread of HIV Infections. Left, Dr. Carl C. Bell, MD, Principal Investigator CHAMPSA  more
Passports for a Cause
Teaching, research focus spans the globe, and GMED graduates are well-equipped to serve overseas  more
Robert Winn, MD
Reaching Out, From City to Small Town
Community engagement efforts target underserved areas both rural and urban  more
MD/PhD Student
MD/PhD Students Engage in Pioneering Research
Topics include healthy fats that help failing hearts and the impact of aerobic exercise on addiction  more
Christ Medical Center
Engineering an Innovation Hub
COM integrates multidisciplinary perspectives to facilitate advances in medicine  more
IMED Group 2016
The Game Changers
IMED profiles showcase the passion and dedication of our innovative students  more
Malik Chicago
Generating Regenerative Promise
Stem cell research has tremendous potential to create regenerative cells and treat disease  more