Medicina Academy Apprentice Program (MAAP)

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Program Overview:

The Medicina Academy Apprentice Program is a highly engaging 4-year pre-medical apprentice program that works in partnership with Chicago area high schools to provide pathways for Latino students to prepare for professions in the medical field. Latino students who enroll in this program are far more likely to be prepared for college and careers in the medical profession.

Program Details:

Students are selected for this program during their freshman year of high school and are placed on a 4-year track that brings students together from across the Chicagoland area to engage in activities that prepare them to be successful applicants for college and eventually pre-med programs.

As part of the curriculum participants take part in undergraduate level training and hands-on experiences that range from lab sessions to certification courses with the American Red Cross. Each experience is designed to raise their awareness of the medical field.

How to enroll and who to contact:

Interested candidates can enroll by submitting a completed packet to the MAAP Project Coordinator, Jenny Calero, by December 5, 2014  via email, fax,  mail, or in person to the following:

Mail/In Person:

Medicina Academy Apprentice Program
Hispanic Center of Excellence in Medicine (MC 591)
808 S. Wood St., 990 CME
Chicago, IL 60612



c/o Jenny Calero

Candidates from our partner high schools (Mirta Ramirez, Juarez, IHSCA, UIC College Prep and Gordon Tech) can also obtained the application from the MAAP Liaison at the respective high school.

  Download the MAAP application here.