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Appointment and Promotion Forms for the Academic (RT), Academic (CT), and non-tenure Research Tracks

Do NOT use the promotion and tenure (p&t) forms available online through the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs’ website. Rather, use those available here at the COM’s Faculty Affairs site as our College uses a customized format for sections relating to the evaluation of teaching.

Paperwork deadline for promotions to Associate Professor with tenure in the Academic RT and Academic CT Tracks:

Friday, September 8, 2017

Paperwork deadline for promotions in the non-tenure Research Track and for promotions to Professor in the  Academic RT, and Academic CT Tracks:

Friday, September 15, 2017

These are firm deadlines.

New appointments at advanced rank also require completion of the packet, but may be submitted at any point
in the academic year for review at the next scheduled meeting.

Submission Requirements

  • Preparer’s Dossier Forms Submission Checklist – signed originals
  • Information Summary Form – original and 3 copies, plus electronic submission in Word format
  • Tenure and Contract History Form – original plus electronic submission in Word format
  • 2017 P&T DOSSIER FORMS: RT, CT and Research Tracks – Original and 3 copies, plus electronic submission in Word format and pdf file of all external documents
  • Collaborator Attestation Form (required only for tenure system assistant professors and Q contract associate professors) A sample letter for Solicitation of the Collaborator Attestation Form is available here.
  • Candidate’s current CV (should include details on teaching and clinical activities as well as the traditional information on education, work history, honors, funding, publications, and presentations, and service) – 3 copies plus electronic submission in Word format
  • Recent publications – 3 articles presented as 2 collated hard copy sets, plus electronic submission
  • Instructions for the Electronic File and Submission of RT, CT, and Research Track Dossier Forms

UIC Campus Promotion and Tenure Policies & Guidelines: 2017-2018

Additional Information and Resources from the College of Medicine

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs.