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Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program (PAP)

The UI COM Office of Admissions partners with our UI COM Urban Health Program (COM-UHP) to deliver The Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program (PAP). This is an academic preparatory program, conducted by COM-UHP for selected individuals (called PAP Scholars once enrolled) to further strengthen their medical science knowledge. The program also fosters the development of professional and peer support networks. Applicants selected as PAP Scholars are conditionally admitted to UI COM and are required to participate in 11 months of coursework from August 2025 through July 2026 and remain engaged with additional COM-UHP activities during their medical school tenure. Successful completion of the coursework guarantees a position in the UI COM entering class of 2026.

The Urban Health Program was established 1978 when the Illinois State Legislature called for its formation at the University of Illinois Chicago in response to community protests and outcries that significant health care disparities plagued the state’s underserved communities. PAP graduates work to address the impacts of health care deficiencies traditionally plaguing underserved communities throughout the state, country, and world— just as state legislators hoped they would.

PAP Program Overview: The official PAP schedule will be provided at the August Orientation. PAP is divided into four (4) structured tiers.

  • Tier I – 2025 Fall Semester – enrolled as a full-time student in Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Physiology
  • Tier II – 2026 Spring Semester – enrolled as a part-time student in Anatomy – A Clinical Case-based Approach, Physiology, and Human Neuroanatomy
  • Tier III – 2026 Summer Pre-Matriculation Program (SPP) – (May – July): A 6-week advanced, accelerated, intensive immersion program in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Histology, and Physiology. Completing the SPP is a requirement of the Post-baccalaureate Admission Program.
  • Tier IV – Continued engagement with COM-UHP activities throughout the medical school tenure.

Curriculum: The PAP curriculum embodies significant portions of Anatomy, Biochemistry, Gross Anatomy, Histology, and Physiology—courses that comprise the first-year medical school curriculum in lecture, lab, and small group learning venues. PAP Scholars will have multiple exams in each subject area. Classes are in-person and attendance is required.

Requirements: PAP Scholars are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale during Tier I (Fall) and Tier II (Spring). During Tier III (SPP), PAP Scholars are required to meet the Minimum Pass Level (MPL) in each individual subject area. PAP Scholars are also evaluated on professionalism-related characteristics.

Financial Assistance: The UI COM Urban Health Program (COM-UHP) provides PAP Scholars with 100% tuition and fee assistance for Tier I (Fall) and Tier II (Spring). PAP Scholars are eligible to apply for financial aid for cost-of-living expenses. COM-UHP offers a $1,300 stipend for Tier III (SPP) as financial aid is not offered during the SPP portion of the program.

Upon completion of the curriculum, PAP Scholars benefit from gaining critical skills necessary to meet the academic demands of the medical school curriculum and developing relationships with medical students, faculty, and staff.

Applicants have the option of self-identifying for the PAP as part of the secondary application to UI COM. Some applicants will be identified based on a holistic review of their application.