Center for Health Equity using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (CHEMA) 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are transforming health care and medical practice at a rapid rate. The University of Illinois College of Medicine has a unique role to play in AI/ML research by bringing to this work an equity approach that ensures that health disparities are addressed. The College of Medicine has established the Center for Health Equity using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (CHEMA) to support research, training, and education in this domain.

In its initial phase of growth, CHEMA will support two major initiatives:

  1. Faculty recruitment/domain hiring
  2. Postdoctoral appointments

Faculty recruitment / domain hiring 

  • Faculty can be at any rank (Instructor to Professor)
  • Research interests in AI/ML domain that intersects with health equity
  • An established portfolio of research grants or potential for future funding
  • Single investigators or research teams are welcome under this hiring initiative

Please contact Dr. Niranjan Karnik with any questions or if potential candidates are identified: [email protected]

Postdoctoral appointments


  • Identifies the candidates for these positions
  • Provides discipline or clinical mentorship
  • Department is expected to cover non-salary costs and infrastructure for the research


  • Center will cover all salary & fringe costs for these appointments
  • If the department lacks technical or research experts, the Center will provide mentorship and support for these postdocs
  • Support for K award development and applications

The application for these positions (due Jan. 15, 2023) is available here: