College of Medicine Marketing and Branding Toolkit

The University of Illinois College of Medicine office of Marketing and Communications offers the following resources to help faculty, staff and students utilize the College of Medicine brand appropriately. If you need assistance or guidance, please contact Director for Marketing and Communications Tom Wyatt at [email protected].

College of Medicine Logos

View and download the College of Medicine logo that best suits your unit’s needs, noting the provided logos include the primary (all-College) logo, as well as campus-specific logos.

UIC Fonts

Theinhardt is the signature font of UIC, evoking a strong connection to the university’s progressive, modernist roots. Helvetica and Arial can serve as substitutes in ordinary correspondence. Georgia may be substituted if a serif font is required.

UIC Style Guide

All communications from the University of Illinois Chicago, whether originating from a college or a specific program, are reflections of the institution. The goal of these guidelines is to improve the effectiveness of the university’s communications in today’s crowded environment, while reducing overall design expenditures for individual pieces.

Photo Release

Other than those photographed for news coverage by independent news organizations, any individuals who may be identified by their image must sign a photo release form before they are photographed for a UIC project. The law requires that subjects under 18 years of age have a parent or guardian sign their consent. Download a photo consent form.


The stationery suite—letterhead, business cards, and envelopes—showcases the updated version of the UIC logo and places emphasis on the vibrant UIC red. You can order the letterhead and business cards through UIC Creative & Digital Services.

PowerPoint Template

To meet the various needs of the College, a PowerPoint template is available.

UIC Licensing Program

Marketing and Brand Management oversees University of Illinois Chicago’s licensing program for its institutional marks. The office protects and promotes the university’s registered trademarks, as well as other names, seals, logos, school colors and other indicia (“University Trademarks”) that are representative of the university. UIC trademarks may be used solely with permission of UIC.