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Process FAQs

Implementation Process & Responsibilities: FAQs for Strategy Committee Chairs Is the strategy committee responsible for the actual implementation of the Key Activities within each Tactic? This does not mean that the committee itself will undertake all of the work that each of these Key Activities entails. Rather, it means that the group will [...]

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JUMP Mentors

JUMP Mentors Pedro de Alarcon, MD Professor Emeritus, Peoria, Pediatrics, [email protected] Kejia Cai, PhD Assistant Professor, Chicago, Radiology & Bioengineering, [email protected] Jiwang Chen, PhD Director, Cardiovascular Research Core, Chicago, Research Resources Center, [email protected] Lourdes J. [...]

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Criteria for Graduation with Honors For the graduating class of 2020: All students passing all M1/M2 required courses (with or without initial examination failure) will be eligible for baseline consideration for graduation honors. Once baseline eligibility has been established, the College will apply the same criteria regarding clerkship grades and USMLE Step1 and [...]

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Non-VA Funded Research

Non-VA Funded Research Jesse Brown VA is partnered with the Chicago Association for Research and Education in Science (CARES®), an Illinois-registered, non-profit, corporation, which administers all non-VA funded, VA-approved research and related medical and scientific education funding. If your research involves using Jesse Brown VA facilities (hospital or laboratory) or staff, CARES should be contacted [...]

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VA-Funded Research

VA-Funded Research VA Research is the only research program focused entirely on Veterans' needs. VA Research is intramural, meaning only VA employees can conduct research funded by VA. In many instances, VA researchers collaborate with academic institutions.  Affiliated faculty can apply for VA funding however if a project is funded, they would need to accept a [...]

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CCSE Highlights

Highlights of Issues Tackled and Actions Taken by the College Sufficiency of Administrative Staff Shared quantitative and qualitative on student satisfaction with college’s campus offices of Deans of Student, Educational, and Curricular Affairs Suggested areas for improvement: Build a centralized calendar of events (IN PROGRESS) Provide information on roles of administrator, staff and offices [...]

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Junior Underrepresented Mentoring Pods (JUMP) We are pleased to announce the call for applications from MENTEES in a new mentoring program for under-represented faculty at UI Health. With support from the Health Equity Pilot Project (HEPP), funded by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, we are initiating a pilot mentoring program called JUMP (Junior Underrepresented Mentoring Pods). [...]

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Faculty Initiatives

Faculty Initiatives Junior Underrepresented Mentoring Pods (JUMP) JUMP Mentors Faculty Career Development Award

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Employers | UIC Health Sciences Learning Exchange

EmployersHelp set educational directions for your future employeesHow do you find qualified graduates ready to fill critical positions in your field or industry? Do you want to have a say in changes in curricula and standards and directly connect with students eager to learn and explore health science careers?Partnering with the Health Science Learning Exchange [...]

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Support the Health Science Learning Exchange

Support the Health Science Learning Exchange Shape the future of health science education and employment Your generous gift—whether it’s a financial contribution, in-kind services, or donation of science-related equipment and supplies—helps the Health Science Learning Exchange (HSLE) move forward and prepare more students for rewarding careers in health science. To make a financial contribution, visit [...]

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