Message Regarding AAMC Guidance on Peaceful Protests by Medical Students and Residents

Dear Students:

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has released a guidance statement on Peaceful Protests by Medical Students and Residents. The University of Illinois College of Medicine welcomes and concurs with this statement in its entirety. We encourage you to read the statement itself, but in addition want to emphasize the steps we are taking – some of them existing practices, some representing a new commitment to ensuring an equitable, anti-racist environment throughout our educational programs – with respect to the extramural activities of our students and residents in the pursuit of social justice.

  • Our selection committees at the medical student and resident level are committed to a  holistic review of applicants, considering individual applicants through the entirety of their “attributes and lived experiences,” to use the language of the AAMC guidance, and in the context of UIC’s social mission.
  • In reviewing data from criminal background checks – which are mandated by legislation – we are mindful of the racial inequities present in the justice system, and we commit to a holistic review of the data in a manner that does not penalize peaceful activism.
  • These same considerations apply to the application of College of Medicine policies on academic progress and promotion, and to our representation of your record of academic and professional behavior to residency programs and future employers, including the content of the Medical Student Performance Evaluation.

The AAMC guidance says it best: We recognize your “constitutional right to peaceful and lawful protest, the principles and values for which (you are) advocating, and whether the spirit of (your) advocacy exemplifies the principles and values (we hope) to cultivate …”

We appreciate, value and support your voices and actions during these times.


Mark I. Rosenblatt, MD, PhD, MBA, MHA
Executive Dean

Gloria Elam MD, MPH, FACOG
Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion

Raymond H. Curry, MD, FACP
Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs

Trevonne M. Thompson, MD, FACEP, FACMT
Associate Dean of Admissions