Teacher & Student Guidelines

UI COM Positive Learning Environment-Teacher/Student Guidelines provide additional guidance on the ways in which both teachers and students may establish, maintain and foster healthy relationships and learning environments by following the guiding principles of:

  • Duty:  Medical educators have a duty to convey the knowledge and skills required for delivering the profession’s standard of care and also to instill the values and attitudes required for preserving the medical profession’s social contract with its patients.
  • Integrity:  Learning environments that are conducive to conveying professional values must be based on integrity.  Students learn professionalism by observing and emulating role models who epitomize authentic professional values and attitudes.
  • Respect:  Respect for every individual is fundamental to the ethics of medicine.  Mutual respect is essential for nurturing that ethic.  Teachers have a special obligation to ensure that students are always treated respectfully.

The UI COM Positive Learning Environment Policy sets forth the commitment of the UI COM to protect the integrity of the learning environment, establishes the characteristics of a positive learning environment and code of conduct for Teacher-Student Relationships, defines “student mistreatment”, and encourages those who have experienced or witnessed student mistreatment or other learning environment concerns to report them.