Director of Medical Student Learning Environment

Our new DMSLE (as of September 17, 2018) is Dr. Tim Lacy.

The position of Director of Medical Student Learning Environment (DMSLE) was created to demonstrate the College of Medicine’s strong commitment to identifying and addressing medical student mistreatment and other learning environment concerns. Primary duties include:

  • Provide those who experience, witness, or become aware of student mistreatment with access to a neutral, impartial, and private resource to report and seek assistance with learning environment and mistreatment concerns (Click here and navigate to section VIII to learn more about privacy of information disclosed to DMSLE);
  • Receive and monitor reports of student mistreatment from all UI-COM campuses to identify trends or patterns involving a specific teacher, a particular department, or a certain experiential site;
  • Serve as a resource to teachers (faculty, residents and others in a teaching role), staff and administration in discussing and resolving learning environment concerns;
  • Develop and implement Policy, Procedures and Guidelines for fostering a positive learning environment free from student mistreatment;
  • Provide feedback to UI COM administration for the purpose of improving the student learning environment; and
  • Create and implement educational activities, information, and resources to promote a positive student learning environment.

To report student mistreatment or learning environment concerns, the DMSLE can be reached directly via email ([email protected]) or phone (312-413-9632). Alternatively, reports may also be submitted–anonymously or with identifying information–using the Student Mistreatment Report Form. [Important Note: That link is for students in Chicago, Peoria and Rockford. Urbana students should use the Urbana Student Mistreatment Report Form.]