Certificate Program Description

Over the course of the program, this certificate, which includes a research component that reinforces the coursework, presents students with the appropriate time frame to produce a final paper, which will afford them the opportunity to submit as a manuscript for publication. In addition, the Certificate Program seeks to prepare students with research skills and clinical teaching abilities while immersing them in the American healthcare system and culture in both a classroom and laboratory setting, which allows students to apply theory into practice. Close faculty mentorships provide guidance in research projects and career development while courses supplement the didactic experience with activities to enhance the students’ skills and knowledge.

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Master’s Program Description

As part of the MS in Clinical and Translational Science, students enhance their statistical skills as well as deepen their understanding about epidemiology and study design. Also, students learn to communicate their insights effectively, to write well-conceived and persuasive grant applications and to ensure the ethical treatment of their subjects. As apprentice clinical investigators, they learn how to participate in a broader multidisciplinary research community that includes basic and social scientists, as well as clinicians from other areas of clinical practice.

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