Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still apply if my university is not affiliated with UIC?

Yes. However, there are a limited number of electives available each month and preference is given to students from affiliated universities.

How long after I submit my application will it be before I receive a decision?

We try to make decisions as quickly as possible as we accept students on a rolling basis, but depending on the elective and month, the timing may vary greatly. You will be informed of our decision no later than 6 weeks prior to the start of the latest elective date for which you applied. You will only hear back from us once even if you applied for multiple months.

If I am not accepted, can I re-apply for different electives and/or rotation dates?

Yes. However, you must submit an entirely separate application as we will not respond to questions sent in reply to your denial email. If you choose to re-apply, we strongly encourage that you have a genuine interest in the electives for which you select as it is in both your and the department’s best interest to ensure a successful learning experience.

Can I apply for multiple rotations? What is the maximum number of electives I can take?

Generally, we only accept students for one four-week-long elective program. We only accept one pending application per student at a time; however, each application provides students with the option to preference up to 3 electives for up to 3 elective dates. Once we accept a student, we generally do not consider them for more than one elective. However, after acceptance into one elective, we can consider additional requests on a case-by-case basis.

What HIPAA certification do I need to complete?

You should complete the “HIPAA Awareness for Healthcare Providers” course, this includes two separate training modules which both must be completed in their entirety.

Do I need to submit TOEFL scores?

Yes, TOEFL scores must be submitted after you are accepted, unless your medical school is taught in English. If your medical school is taught in English, you may submit a letter from your dean confirming this in place of the TOEFL score.

Are there any recommended companies to acquire personal health insurance?

Our office does not handle personal health insurance for students. In many cases, the health insurance that you use at home will offer extended insurance for travels abroad. You should contact your insurance provider to find out if they can provide you with any options while you are here.

Are there any recommended companies to acquire malpractice insurance?

Yes. Please view our recommendations for malpractice insurance companies.

What payment methods are accepted? When do I need to pay by?

Payments may be made in the form of a credit card, money order, or cashier’s check drawn from a US bank made out to “UIC”. Personal check permitted if from a U.S. bank, made out to “UIC”. Cash is permitted, but not preferred. Wire transfer credit card is not permitted. Elective fee is non-refundable and due at orientation.

What do I need to do to prepare for the nurse visit that happens at orientation?

More information will be provided to you as your orientation date approaches. However, some basic information is that the student questionnaire should be filled out before coming in, all males should be clean shaven (no facial hair is permitted where the seal of the respirator rests), and students should not eat, drink or smoke for at least 15 minutes prior to the appointment.

What is the elective fee? Do you offer any assistance with the elective fee?

Our current elective fee is $2500.00 USD. The elective fee is due on the first day of the elective at orientation. We do not allow for earlier payments. Additionally, UIC does not offer any scholarships, funding, or fee waivers for international medical students completing electives at UIC.

Can I apply for dates not listed on the elective calendar yet?

No. We only accept applications for the dates we have listed on our elective calendar. Each year, our new calendar will come out sometime in April for the following academic year. Please check back in April for our updated calendar. Once the calendar is live, we will start accepting applications for those elective dates.