Student Assessment

Annual review by the course director and participating faculty to monitor progress and completion of milestones. Feedback during each component of the program (midterm and end of term) is qualitative and constructive with regards to student progress with the goal of providing mentorship.

Each student is assigned a principal faculty or administrative mentor who will provide feedback to program directors.

This elective is pass/fail.

  1. Seminars: Students will be evaluated for participation by the program directors.
  2. Clinician Executive Immersion Program summer before M2: feedback solicited from Clinician Executive mentors.
  3. Clinician Executive course in M2: Students evaluated for participation by faculty members.
  4. Clinician Executive course in M4: Students evaluated for participation by faculty members.
  5. Clinician Executive Special Project Development in M3: Student will work closely with a mentor to develop a Special Project. Mentor provides regular feedback, as well as feedback regarding progress and completion of
  6. Clinician Executive Special Project Showcase in M4: Mentor will evaluate, grade, and provide feedback on final paper and presentation of project to Mentors and fellow students.

General Program Assessment

  1. The elective will be evaluated by all participating students (M1-M4) annually
  2. The Office of Assessment and Evaluation will be asked to provide an annual anonymous evaluation of the program.