Algorithm Calculation for Nomination to AΩA Medical Honorary Society

I: First Step – (Criteria from AΩA National)

As stipulated by the national AΩA charter, “Those candidates whose scholastic qualifications place them in the top quartile of their class shall be considered as eligible for nomination for election.” This list, without reference to an individual student’s ranking within that top quartile, will be forwarded to the AΩA Councilor(s).


II: Second Step – (30 points maximum)

From this point, the specifics of the process are governed by the UIC AΩA chapter.  This second step, however, continues to rely on the Dean’s office for conducting the relevant calculations.  The second step further re-applies some of the academic performance criteria  previously utilized for the MSPE calculation – specifically the clerkship grades, which most directly reflect students’ capacity to “serve the suffering” in accord with the AOA mission. The clinical grade and exam grade are considered separately here, in order to ensure that outstanding clinical performance is recognized even where the final clerkship grade might have been diminished by exam performance.

Allocation of points for Core Clerkship Clinical Performance

Outstanding in 2 core clerkships = 7 pts

Outstanding in 3 core clerkships = 10 pts

Outstanding in 4 core clerkships = 13 pts

Outstanding in 5 core clerkships = 16 pts

Outstanding in 6 core clerkships = 19 pts

Allocation of points for Core Clerkship NBME Examination

Top 20%ile nationally in 2 clerkships =3pts

Top 20%ile nationally in 3 clerkships = 5pts

Top 20%ile nationally in 4 clerkships = 7 pts

Top 20%ile nationally in 5 clerkships =9 pts

Top 20% ile nationally in 6 clerkships = 11 pts


III: Third Step – (30 points maximum)

Each of the students within the top MSPE quartile will be asked to submit data on their extracurricular activities, which the AΩA Executive Committee will then further assess using the following criteria in the table below. The candidate will submit the completed application for AΩA, see application for further details.

LEADERSHIP within the College and/or University or National organization (e.g., officer of a campus or College medical student council, student organization, etc) (0 to 9 pts)
Research Experience (0 to 3 pts)
Research Presentations (0 to 2 pts
Publications achieved during medical school (0 to 2 pts)
Community Service (0 to 9 pts)
Personal Essay (0 to 5 pts)

IV: Final Nominations – (60 points maximum)

As stipulated by the national AΩA chapter, “… one fifth of the total number of the class expected to graduate may be nominated for membership.” As such, the students scoring in the top 1/5 of the class will be notified of their nomination to membership.  Those nominated must then register with the AOA National Office, and pay the first year of dues (currently $68), to be declared elected to the Society.  Other details, such as eligibility of student who have transferred to the College during medical school, are addressed in the national AΩA Constitution, which can be found at