First Step

As stipulated by the national AOA charter, “Those candidates whose scholastic qualifications place them in the upper twenty-five percent of their class shall be considered as eligible for nomination for election.”

 This group of students shall be those who are identified as within the top quarter of the class through the process used to determine MSPE quartile rankings. This list, without reference to an individual student’s ranking within that top quartile, will be forwarded to the AOA Councillor(s).

Second Step                                                                                               45 pts max

From this point, the specifics of the process are governed by the AOA chapter. This second step, however, continues to rely on the dean’s office for conducting the relevant calculations. The second step further stratifies the group by reapplying some of the criteria previously utilized for the MSPE calculation (USMLE Step 1 score and clerkship grades), but with a greater “spread” of points allotted for scores at this upper end of the range. Scores on clerkship final examinations are also added to the algorithm.

Allocation of points for USMLE Step 1 (first attempt)
National %ile 80-89% = 10 pts National %ile 90-99% = 15 pts


Allocation of points for Core Clerkship Final Grades
Outstanding in 4 core clerkships = 9 pts Outstanding in 6 core clerkships = 13 pts
Outstanding in 5 core clerkships = 11 pts Outstanding in 7 core clerkships = 15 pts


Allocation of points for Core Clerkship Final Examination
Top 20%ile nationally in 4 clerkships = 9 pts Top 20%ile nationally in 6 clerkships = 13 pts
Top 20%ile nationally in 5 clerkships = 11 pts Top 20%ile nationally in 7 clerkships = 15 pts


Third Step                                                                                        15 pts max

The AOA Executive Committee will then reduce the candidate pool to the top 20% of the class based upon the results of the second step. Each of these students will be asked submit data on their extracurricular activities, which the Executive Committee will then further assess using the following criteria:

LEADERSHIP within the College and/or University = 1 to 3 pts
(e.g., officer of a campus or College medical student council, student organization, etc)
LEADERSHIP in national organization(s) = 1 to 3 pts
(e.g., OSR rep at AAMC, position in national AMSA, etc)
Election to the Gold Humanism Society = 3 pts
Research/publications achieved during medical school = 1 to 3 pts
Community Service = 1 to 3 pts
(with special attention to leadership/coordinating positions)


 Final Nominations                                                  60 points possible

As stipulated by the national AOA charter, “ … one sixth of the total number of the class expected to graduate may be nominated for membership.” As such, the top 16-17% of those considered in the third step will be notified of their nomination to membership. “Nominated candidates will be declared elected and inducted into the Society only after registration with the national office is completed and the first year dues have been paid.” (Other details, such as eligibility of student who have transferred to the College during medical school, are addressed in the national AOA Constitution, which can be found at