College Committee on Student Experience

It is an inherent belief in our College that a quality student experience will lead to student success.
Based on feedback and in partnership with students, the College of Medicine has embarked on a
redesign of the student experience, which began over a year ago. We are committed to a systematic
and inclusive process of review and modification of our initiatives to best support the student
experience. With this goal in mind, our faculty voted in August 2020 to approve an amendment to the
Faculty By-Laws for a new committee, the College Committee on Student Experience (CCSE).
The activities of the CCSE will include evaluating the effectiveness of College of Medicine student
support services, as well as overseeing assessment instruments used for monitoring the student
experience for medical and graduate students. The Committee will: provide feedback to the College
to promote iterative improvements to the redesign of the student experience; ensure that the support
services offered and assessment methods used are consistent with all requirements for Liaison
Committee on Medical Education accreditation; and encourage the development of unique student
support endeavors, including academic research in medical education relating to the student
experience. Student engagement will be essential to this process for improvement.

Faculty and Student Members

Mark Gonzalez (Faculty, Chair)
Ron Brewer (F)
Mark Brodie (F)
Alexander Cerjanic (Student)
Aoshuang Chen (F)
Jonathan Fisher (F)
Koren Ganas (F)
Lauren Green (F)
Alicia Hulbert (F)
Brittani James (F)
Jessica Lamarr Johnson (S)
Rahmat Olohuntoyin Na’Allah (F)
Laura Perry (F)
Kate Rahbari (S)
Joseph E Ross (F)
Audrey Ruth Shoemaker (S)
Alexandra M Socovich (S)
Mary Elizabeth Stapel (F)
Tim Lacy, administrative support
Kathleen Kashima, Ex Officio