The COM Career Advising and Planning team is launching its Specialty Webinar featuring:

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Would you like to know more about Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation? Learn about a day in the life of PMR, residency, and fellowship options, and more.
Monica Branch, MD, Chief Resident at Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital and UI Hospital; and Theresa Lie-Nemeth, MDAttending Physiatrist at Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital and UI Hospital, will talk about their experiences and answer your questions. Students at all campuses are encouraged to attend via Zoom

DATE: Thursday, January 28, 2021 @ 5:00 pm C.T.

ZOOM: Link

Dr Monica Branch
Dr Theresa Lie Nemeth

Note: if you are unable to join this live webinar, a link to the recording will be available for your viewing at a later time. For more information, please contact Jenny Baker: [email protected].

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