Student Financial Planning

Student Financial Planning2017-01-12T12:45:19+00:00

Tuition & Financial Aid

We understand that medical school is a very large investment that can seem overwhelming for potential students especially when looking at the potential cumulative debt by the time of graduation.

As a prestigious University and College of Medicine, we aim to recruit the best candidates for our medical school, so it is important for us to find ways to limit the potential debt burden and not have cost be an obstacle to a high quality education.

As a state institution, we have an in-state tuition rate that is lower than our private peer schools in the area.

Most students enrolling in the College of Medicine rely primarily on financial aid to fund their medical school education. Our Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) will work with students individually to try to make the process of funding their education as free from stress as possible.

In addition, starting with the class entering in the Fall of 2014, as part of our Residency Preparedness Initiative, we are offering a new Loan Interest Assistance Program. The program description and eligibility requirements for this program are detailed here or your review.

To understand more about the cost of attendance at University of Illinois College of Medicine and to find out more about the financial aid process, please visit our financial aid website.