2019 Student Gap Year Activities

Many of our students decide to take a gap year after their college graduation and before entering medical school.  Below is a list of some activities our students undertake.


  • Cammille Go: Clinical research
  • Anna Liu: UIC
  • Yash Patel: UIC
  • Suffia Alvi: Loyola
  • Kevin Cao: Opioid Addiction Peer Recovery Research
  • Martin Jastrzebski: University of Warsaw
  • Michael Martinez: UIC

Fulbright Scholarship

  • Kajal Sachdev: Masters in Legal Psychology – Maastricht University, Netherlands
  • Snjana Srinivasan: Research – University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain


  • Timothy Akintilo: Computer Science – University of Washington

Emergency Medical Technician

  • Jhalak Modi

Masters Degrees

  • Zoie Sheets: Masters in Public Health – UIC
  • Claudia de Bruyn: Masters in Public Health – Yale
  • Masooma Haider: Masters in International Relations – University of Chicago
  • Isra Hasnain: Master of Science in Medical Anthropology – Oxford
  • Claire Larkin: Masters in Public Health – UIC
  • Atreya Mishra: Masters in Public Health – UIC
  • Maya Patel: Masters of Science in Medical Anthropology – Oxford


  • Zayd Ahmed: Initiative on Islam and Medicine – University of Chicago
  • Aishwarya Katiki: Barack Obama Foundation
  • Nicholas Xie: Simulation Fellow at Jump Simulation – Peoria, IL


  • Sharon Johnson: Disaster Relief – San Francisco


  • Reena Sulkar: Pursuing professional status in Women’s Golf