Guaranteed Professional Program Admission (GPPA)

General Program Description

Welcome to the GPPA Program in Medicine. We are dedicated to facilitating an excellent educational experience in the context of medicine and the evolution of the social contract.

The GPPA Medicine Program began in the 1990s. Over the years, a GPPA Medicine-specific core curriculum has been developed and the nature and success of the program has achieved national stature and admiration.

Unlike many other BA/BS – MD programs we allow our students to major in most all of UIC’s offerings. It is not uncommon to find our students majoring in non-science disciplines including Spanish, English, Philosophy, Music and other humanities based majors. We do not make it mandatory for graduates to attend the University of Illinois College of Medicine, although a vast majority of our graduates do so. Over 95% of our entering students go on to medical school and in terms of post-graduate medical education, our GPPA Medicine alumni can be found in distinguished institutions throughout the country.

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