Projects and Resources

HSLE initiatives expand the health science pipeline

The Health Science Learning Exchange is involved in multiple initiatives designed to strengthen health science learning and improve the pipeline of students preparing for careers in this field. Among the HSLE’s chief current projects are the following:
  • Health Science Curriculum—a flexible, 16-module high-school lesson plan that covers major elements of the health sciences
  • Illinois Junior Academy of Science Partnership—opportunities for Illinois students to compete in health science challenges and develop their research skills
  • Inspire Illinois—an online toolset, powered by Career Cruising, that connects health science employers with students and job seekers
  • Webinars—idea- and inspiration-generating discussions of ways educators may use the Health Science Curriculum
  • Resource Library—a constantly expanding set of health science resources for educators, employers, students, and job hunters
  • Publications and Videos—Digital and print options for learning more about HSLE—and sharing the story