Help set educational directions for your future employees

How do you find qualified graduates ready to fill critical positions in your field or industry? Do you want to have a say in changes in curricula and standards and directly connect with students eager to learn and explore health science careers?

Partnering with the Health Science Learning Exchange (HSLE) gives you a voice. As a partner, you help determine the direction of health science education and connect with schools and colleges that can provide you with interns as well as qualified, engaged employees.

Your participation in the HSLE plays a part in ensuring that Illinois prepares and keeps its own future scientists. You help raise the level of science literacy when it’s more important than ever for everyone to be better educated about critical environmental and health-related issues. Engagement with the HSLE also heightens your organization’s public profile, as you join a network of forward-looking institutions revitalizing the economic and scientific future of the State of Illinois.

Student success depends on partnering with education and the private sector, and the HSLE is committed to improving how public and private investment is coordinated across the health science sector in Illinois. As a partner of the HSLE, your organization has the opportunity to:
  • Join a speakers’ bureau of professionals who connect with students directly through site visits or video conferences, which enables students and professionals to make real connections
  • Work with local schools and districts to ensure that students have access to the resources they need to succeed
  • Participate in regional and statewide student science competitions
  • Provide internships and job mentoring to pave the way for better future staffing for your organization
  • Connect with other institutions that are also supporting this statewide effort through direct contributions of resources or joint grant opportunities

To learn more or get involved, contact Paula Allen-Meares, Ph.D.