Explore the wealth of health science careers open to you

Where will the good jobs be when you graduate? How do you prepare yourself for a rewarding career or for admission to the best research universities?

The Health Sciences Learning Exchange (HSLE) is here to make you aware of the wealth of opportunities available to you in medicine, research, home health care, data collection and analysis, and many other fields that are projected to have a shortage of qualified candidates in coming years.

You want to make sure you get the experience you need to gain admission to the college of your choice—not just in the classroom, but through internships and assistantships in the laboratory and in the workplace. Once in college, you’ll want to take the courses and extracurricular activities that employers need.

Whether you expect to be a healthcare professional, researcher, mental health specialist, technician, or home care helper, the HSLE is your starting point. HSLE links your class-time and after-school activities toward exploring careers and college programs in the health sciences. Turn to the HSLE to learn about:
  • Research opportunities—The most selective institutions require lab and research experience as well as good grades. The HSLE can point you toward chances for faculty mentorships, work-based learning opportunities, and experience pursuing cutting-edge research.
  • Education standards—Make sure the courses you’re taking now meet the standards employers are looking for.
  • Careers—It’s not just about medical school. Discover the wide range of careers open to you in health-related fields that are clamoring for well-qualified employees.

Explore this site and the Illinois Shared Learning Environment’s Health Science Library to find tools and resources that will help prepare you for a satisfying career in health science.