Faculty Awards

Nomination Deadlines at a Glance

UIC Distinguished Professorship  – (advance approval from the Dean in early January is required in order to develop nominations application)

UIC University Scholar – February 6, 2019

UIC Award for Excellence in Teaching – February 6, 2019

COM Faculty of the Year Award – March 8, 2019

AOA Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Teacher Award – March 15, 2019

COM Chicago – Distinguished Faculty Award​  – March 20, 2019

COM-Chicago Departmental Faculty of the Year Award – April 15, 2019

COM-Chicago Departmental Rising Star Award – April 15, 2019

Nominations of women and under represented minority faculty are strongly encouraged.

University Scholar Award

The prestigious University Scholars Program provides three-year awards to faculty members who have demonstrated superior performance in scholarly activities in both research and teaching and who show great promise for future achievements.

The program is designed to identify outstanding members of the faculty and to provide each with a modest amount of funds annually for a defined number of years. The importance of these awards lies in the flexibility with which the funds may be spent. Recipients may use the funds at their discretion to enhance their scholarly work, except for salary rate increases, which are not permitted. The awards are not made for a specific project or proposal; rather, they are a symbol of the recipient’s excellence and the University’s commitment to foster outstanding people and their work. Therefore, the awards are made through nominations, not by application.

Awards of $15,000 per year will be made on a three-year basis to members of the faculty whose work is clearly superior. University Scholars may be individuals already on the University of Illinois faculty, or the awards may be used to attract faculty from other institutions to the University. Nominees for these awards will be carefully screened to assure that those selected are among the very best in their fields. Eligibility to the University Scholars Program is limited to members of the academic staff who are tenured or receiving credit toward tenure.

Nomination Guidelines and Past Recipients

Nominations for this year’s award cycle are due in the COM Office of Faculty Affairs on or before Wednesday, February 6, 2019. Please see the campus guidelines above for further details.

UIC Distinguished Professor Award

This appointment was created to recruit and recognize persons who have made a significant impact upon their field through scholarship, creativity and leadership. The criteria used for nomination and appointment within a particular academic field must be ones that recognize only the highest level of attainment in the field. The specification of such criteria and verification that the candidate’s work meets or exceeds them is a major responsibility of the person(s) nominating scholars for consideration as this honor.  Individuals selected for the award will receive a non-salaried non-service appointment as UIC Distinguished Professor effective in the next appointment year

NOTE:  Department heads should discuss consideration of a potential nominee with Dean Ray prior to developing materials, so that a decision may be made as to which nominations will be put forward by the College.  Such discussions must take place by mid-January.

Nomination Guidelines
Past Recipients

Award for Excellence in Teaching (AET)

This award recognizes exceptional faculty for exceptional teaching, effectiveness in curriculum and instructional material development, and the impact their research and service activities have on the classroom. Awardees receive a salary increase of $5,000 ($3,000 from campus resources, $2,000 from the nominating college).

Faculty must be tenured, tenure-track or non-tenure track faculty in the clinical ranks of assistant, associate or full professor with a full-time appointment at the University of Illinois.  All candidates must have taught at UIC  for a minimum of ten years in order to be eligible.

AET nomination guidelines and past recipients list

College of Medicine nominators are urged to provide evidence of the following when submitting a dossier: descriptions of educational products (e.g. educational software) developed by the individual and any evidence of its value (e.g. published reviews of the software); articles describing new teaching methods developed and evidence of their effectiveness; and/or concrete documentation of excellent teaching performance that compares the candidate’s performance to that of other UIC faculty or to faculty nationwide.

Nominations are due in the COM Office of Faculty Affairs on or before Wednesday, February 6, 2019.  Please see the campus guidelines above for further details.



Researcher and Scholar of the Year Award

The purpose of the Researcher and Scholar of the Year Award is to recognize and celebrate the efforts and commitment of those individuals who are advancing knowledge in their area of research and scholarship.  These individuals inspire and promote continued excellence at UIC.  Further details are available through the Office for the Vice Chancellor for Research.

Inventor of the Year Award

The Inventor of the Year Award honors an outstanding inventor or team of inventors at the University of Illinois at Chicago who have made a contribution to the development of intellectual property that significantly impacts their field and society.  The award is given based on the criteria of creativity, novelty, and the commercial benefit to society.

Woman of the Year Award

Sponsored by the Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Women, the annual Woman of the Year Award honors a woman who consistently works on women’s issues beyond the call of duty and who is an exemplary role model.  Award criteria includes: providing service to women at UIC while on the job, responding to issues affecting women, and offering service to women through voluntarism and public support of women’s programs.

Faculty of the Year Award – Chicago, Peoria, Rockford and Urbana campuses

This award recognizes outstanding achievements in multiple aspects of the College’s mission and is a distinct honor for the faculty member and his/her home department. All full time and part time faculty of the College of Medicine are eligible for consideration for the Faculty of the Year Award, which is presented at the College’s Commencement Ceremony.

Nomination and Processing Guidelines
Past Recipients


Distinguished Faculty Award – Chicago campus

This Chicago campus award is presented to a senior faculty member in the College of Medicine in recognition of excellence in research, service to the profession, or distinction as an educator. The expectation is that this honor will go to an individual who has fulfilled the highest goals of an academician and is nationally or internationally recognized for his or her achievements. The Distinguished Faculty Award is presented at the College’s Commencement Ceremony.

Nomination and Processing Guidelines
Past Recipients

2019 Faculty Recognition Ceremony – COM-C

Images from the 2019 Faculty Recognition Ceremony may be viewed here.

Images from the 2018 Faculty Recognition Ceremony may be viewed here.

Images from the 2017 Faculty Recognition Ceremony may be viewed here.

Images from the 2016 Faculty Recognition Ceremony may be viewed here.

Departmental Faculty of the Year Award – Chicago campus

Chicago department heads are invited to nominate one mid-career or senior faculty member from his or her unit to receive this honor based on excellence in at least one of three areas: teaching, research, or service. It is recommended that heads seek the advice of their advisory committee when selecting the departmental faculty of the year.

Past Recipients

Departmental Rising Star Award – Chicago campus

Chicago department heads are invited to nominate a junior faculty member who has demonstrated strong potential to be a future leader in his or her chosen field. Nominees for the Rising Star category should be at the rank of Assistant Professor or Associate Professor and must have served on the UIC faculty for fewer than 10 years.

Past Recipients

Macy Faculty Scholars Program

The Macy Faculty Scholars Program is designed to identify and nurture the careers of promising educational innovators in medicine and nursing, with the aim of accelerating needed reforms in health professions education to accommodate the dramatic changes occurring in medical practice and health care delivery.  The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation selects five faculty leaders each year as Macy Faculty Scholars.  Scholars receive salary support up to $100,000 per year over two years, and must have protected time of at least 50% to pursue education reform projects at their institution. ​

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) coordinates the applications process.  As UIC may submit only 1 application from the College of Medicine and 1 application from the College of Nursing, advanced authorization is required from Research Development Services to apply.   Please contact the OVCR  for additional information on deadlines and application requirements.  The selected applicant will be expected to complete and submit the official application by the deadline specified by the Macy Faculty Scholars Program website.

Macy Faculty Scholars Program website

​​Alpha Omega Alpha Robert J Glaser Distinguished Teacher Award

The Alpha Omega Alpha Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Teacher Award recognizes the significant contributions to medical education made by gifted teachers. Special consideration is given to those who have published in medical education and whose educational materials have been adopted by other institutions. Up to four awards will be granted each year. Awardees receive a $10,000 grant. The awardee’s nominating institution will receive $2,500 for teaching activities, and, if the nominating institution has an AOA chapter, the chapter will receive a stipend of $1,000 toward its activities.

Each medical school in the United States and Canada may nominate one faculty member. The nomination is made by the Dean.  The College Committee on Faculty Awards reviews nominations and recommends to the Dean the faculty member who will represent the College in the national competition.

The AAMC encourages a process that provides for broad student input as well as the peer judgement of faculty colleagues.  Students will be invited to endorse candidates they favor and their comments will be forwarded to the Faculty Awards Committee prior to its deliberations.

Nomination packets for the AOA Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Teaching Award must follow the format outlined by the AAMC, and are due in the COM Office of Faculty Affairs by Wednesday, March 15, 2019.

AAMC Request for Nominations

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs.