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Underrepresented Faculty Recruitment Program  (campus-level)

The aim of the Under-Represented Faculty Recruitment Program (UFRP) is to help attract and retain a faculty that more closely resembles the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) student population.  The UFRP is designed to encourage and assist colleges and departments that have selected underrepresented candidates for hire by providing funds toward salary and research.

Recurring salary funds up to $20,000, $25,000, and $30,000 are available to the college to support the salary of individual faculty members at the rank of assistant, associate, and full professor, respectively, with the funds channeled through the faculty member’s college. Once allocated, the funds will become part of the college’s state budget until the faculty member leaves the tenure system or the appointment drops below 50%.

UFRP is for newly recruited faculty in tenured or tenure track positions.  It is not intended to assist faculty members who are currently on the tenure track at UIC, but may be used for faculty members in clinical or research tracks who are being recruited to move into the tenure system.  Requests will be entertained only for faculty members who have been selected as desirable for hire into a tenured or tenure track position but have not yet committed to the appointment.

Requests for salary support and/or research awards should be submitted in writing to the college dean, through the COM Office of Faculty Affairs (124 CMW, M/C 784). These requests should consist of a brief letter of justification from the department including relevant information about gender and race/ethnicity, along with the curriculum vita of the proposed faculty recruit.

The full policy is available here.  UFRP Policy

College of Medicine Underrepresented Faculty Recruitment Initiative

UFRP Salary Match

To enhance the candidacy of competitive URM applicants for Tenure/Tenure-Track (T/T-T) faculty positions in your departments, the Dean will match the Provost salary contribution for new underrepresented T/T-T faculty hires.

Assistant Professor – $20K (Provost) + $20K (Dean’s Office); $40K total contribution

Associate Professor – $25K (Provost) + $25K (Dean’s Office); $50K total contribution
Professor – $30K (Provost) + $30K (Dean’s Office); $60K total contribution

This program will follow the guidelines set by the Provost’s office.  Following receipt of UFRP funds from the Provost., requests for funds should be submitted in writing to the college dean through the COM Office of Faculty Affairs (124 CMW), M/C 784).  Funds awarded by the Provost and Dean will be permanent additions to the department’s budget as long as the faculty member remains in the tenure track within your department at a 50% effort or greater appointment.