“W” Agreements

The “W” agreement (special written agreement for definite term) provides departments the option of hiring faculty without indefinite tenure and under definite terms by entering into a special written agreement with the concurrence of the faculty member.

The use of a “W” agreement is exclusively maintained for non-tenured faculty in the Clinical Discipline track in the College of Medicine. A “W” agreement must be executed when either the advanced rank (Associate Professor of Clinical xxx or Professor of Clinical xxx) or % appointment (51% or greater for an Assistant Professor of Clinical xxx) would confer tenure or tenure probationary status. It is preferred that no state funding be included for faculty on a “W” agreement; however up to 50% will be allowed.

Processing:  Units should prepare and upload the W agreement to UI Box and share with Rosa Setterstrom and Gillian Coombs for review.   After receiving approval to proceed, drop off 2 signed original forms to Marci Fanti in the Dean’s Office and send an email to Rosa Setterstrom notifying her of the submission.  Once signatures have been secured at every level, units will be sent a copy and may then proceed with the related HRFE transaction.

“W” Agreement form

Clinician Educator 60/40 Rule

All new faculty hires that are truly primarily clinical/clinician educators will be in the clinical discipline track (i.e. Prof of Clinical “discipline”) and typically will be funded at a ratio of 60% physician surgeon and 40% faculty title. The expectation is that although the Physician Surgeon line provides certain flexibility, the faculty member will remain > 50% FTE. The assumption is total compensation will be consistent and subject to clinical productivity and departmental incentive plans.

This 60/40 split is intended to clarify the primary clinician teacher role, better define tenure versus non-tenured faculty, avoid triggering “W” agreements prior to promotion to senior rank, and creates the desired consistency required by Campus Faculty HR.

policy effective 2/8/10

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs.