3:00 p.m., Friday, August 5, 2016

Room 227, College of Medicine West Tower

1853 West Polk Street

(with videoconferencing to the regional campuses)


I.             Approval of Minutes of the August 7, 2015 Annual Faculty Meeting

II.            Reports from the College’s Four Campuses

                A.            Collegewide – Vision for the College of Medicine:   Dimitri Azar

                B.            Chicago:   Dimitri Azar

.               C.            Peoria:   Sara Rusch

                D.            Rockford:   Alex Stagnaro-Green

III.           Collegewide Elections

                A.            Secretary of the Faculty

                B.            College Standing Committees

IV.          College Standing Committee Reports

                A.            Committee on Committees:  Valerie Dobiesz

                B.            Admissions:  Jorge Girotti

                C.            Instruction & Appraisal:  George Kondos

                D.            Student Promotions:  Timothy Murphy

                E.            Faculty Appointments, Promotions & Tenure:  Ramaswamy Kalyanasundaram

                F.            Clinical and Adjunct Appointments & Promotions:  Timothy Erickson

                G.           Student Awards & Scholarships: Peggy Wheeler

                H.            Faculty Awards:  Jose Arruda

                I.             Continuing Medical Education:  Leslie Sandlow

                J.             Emeritus Committee:  Lawrence Chan

V.            Old Business

VI.          New Business

VII.         Adjournment