Service Toward Completion of the Probationary Period

Tenure system assistant professors beginning their initial appointment after the eighth week of the academic year, i.e., after October 15th, are required to complete a Service Toward Completion of the Probationary Period form.  This form records the faculty member’s request to have  the initial partial year count or not count toward the probationary period.  The decision must be made at the time of the faculty member’s initial appointment to the tenure-track. It is very important for a faculty member to understand the implications of counting or not counting an initial year in which he/she provides less than a full year’s service, since the decision will affect the timing of their promotion and tenure review.

Faculty should discuss this matter thoroughly with their department head.  Additionally, faculty who have any questions about this decision or who are opting to count the partial year should consult with COM Faculty Affairs before completing the form.  Units may contact Gillian Coombs ([email protected]) to arrange this meeting.

Service Toward Completion of the Probationary Period form

UIC Policy Statement:  Tenure Code Provision with Initial Partial Term Appointment



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