Clinical Faculty Appointment/Tenure Track Lines

Most clinicians are salaried as a faculty member and a physician surgeon. Some points to remember when structuring the appointment are:

  • To be in the tenure track, assistant professors must have their faculty appointment line at greater than 50%. However, newly hired associate professors and professors can be tenured at any amount above 0%.
  • Tenure track percent and dollars should not be decreased without written agreement from the faculty member.
  • Assistant professor faculty in the Clinical Discipline Track (who by definition are not tenure track) are on N tenure if the faculty appointment line is less than or equal to 50% and W tenure (with a fully executed W agreement required) if greater than 50%.
  • Effective February 8, 2010, all new faculty hires that are truly primarily clinical/clinician educators will be clinical discipline track (i.e. Prof of Clinical “discipline”) and will be funded at a minimum ratio of 60% physician surgeon and 40% faculty title. The expectation is that although the Physician Surgeon line provides certain flexibility, the faculty member will remain > 50% FTE. The assumption is total compensation will be consistent and subject to clinical productivity and departmental incentive plans. This 60/40 split is intended to clarify the primary clinician teacher role, better define tenure versus non-tenured faculty, avoid triggering W agreements prior to promotion to senior rank, and creates the desired consistency required by Campus faculty HR.
  • Associate professors and professors in the Clinical Discipline Track must have a W contract on file if any of their contractual salary is attributed to the faculty rank line.
  • To pay as a physician surgeon, an individual must have a faculty line. The norm for those who are salaried is to have some percent and dollars attributed to the faculty rank.