Joint Courtesy Appointments

The following abbreviated review process is required in order to give a joint courtesy (0%) appointment to a faculty member from another department in the college or elsewhere in the university.  Joint courtesy appointments mirror the faculty title held in the individual’s home department.

First, a letter is needed from the appointing department head explaining the reason for the courtesy appointment and briefly outlining what contributions are expected from this individual. Concurrence from the home department executive officer must also be provided, as well as approval by the appointing department’s p&t committee. These statements/letters and the candidate’s current CV are submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs and taken to the College Executive Committee for approval as an FYI item. The specific rights and privileges conferred by a joint appointment are determined at the department level. It should be noted that if a 0% relationship is defined at the time of the faculty’s initial appointment at UIC, the steps outlined above are not necessary.

Departmental Affiliate is a status which reflects appointment similar to joint courtesy appointments made for faculty within UIC.