Non-VA Funded Research

Jesse Brown VA is partnered with the Chicago Association for Research and Education in Science (CARES®), an Illinois-registered, non-profit, corporation, which administers all non-VA funded, VA-approved research and related medical and scientific education funding.

If your research involves using Jesse Brown VA facilities (hospital or laboratory) or staff, CARES should be contacted early in the proposal and budget development phase.

CARES was established in 1984 at the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital.  It has also served as the nonprofit corporation of record for Lovell FHCC.  In 2019, William S. Middleton Memorial Hospital, and in 2020, Jesse Brown became VA sites served by CARES.

CARES serves as the institution of record for NIH, DoD, industry, foundation, and other externally funded research conducted at Jesse Brown.

For NIH, DoD, or other non-VA federally funded research, CARES can serve as the Prime awardee and issue a subaward to UIC or be a subawardee on a UIC Prime award. This decision should typically be made based on where the preponderance of work will be conducted.  If other factors are to be considered, approval would be required from the Associate Chief of Staff for Research at Jesse Brown.

For industry or foundation funded research it is likely that each institution, UIC and CARES, would need to develop separate agreements with the sponsor.

The strength of CARES lies in its ability to understand and quickly respond to the unique needs of the research community. CARES is especially useful to investigators in the hiring of clinical research coordinators, research assistants or other personnel, purchasing equipment or supplies and managing travel funds. CARES is not bound by VA regulations related to these activities.

CARES attempts to be as flexible and non-restrictive as possible, while meeting its obligations as a non-profit organization. The CARES Board of Directors consists of individuals with an extensive background in health care and research.

For more information on CARES please visit our website.

Please contact CARES early in the proposal development stage

if using Jesse Brown VA facilities or personnel.

Lauren Rich
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]