Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Welcome to Occupational & Environmental Specialty Resource Page. This online repository houses relevant resources and contact information for students seeking career advice. We encourage you to review the career-related materials provided (e.g. Specialty Webinar, Interview Questions, Research, etc.) as you seek support in your journey through medical school.

Please note that Occupational & Environmental Residency is an advanced residency. An applicant must have completed at least one year of training in another specialty. Many applicants are or will be board eligible in another specialty by the time of entering training. It is strongly recommended that you speak with the this specialty Faculty advisors and Student Affairs Specialty Advisors early in planning.



Michelle (Kim) Hargis, MD

[email protected]

Daniel A. Bakston, MD, MPH

[email protected]

Linda Rae Murray M.D. , MPH , F.A.C.P.

[email protected]

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Peter Orris, MD, MPH

[email protected]

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Susan Buchanan, MD, MPH

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