Pauline M. Maki, PhD
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
University of Illinois College of Medicine

  • Definition: Contributions and activities, including some administrative activities, which promote the general welfare of a department, school, the university, or the broader community.
  • Service at the regional, national, and international level may include, but is not limited to:
  • engaging actively in the development of a professional discipline or professional society;
  • participating in the committees and governance of institutional, regional, national, and international societies;
  • organizing symposia, seminars, lectureships, and continuing education programs.
  • Involvement in an outside agency or community-based volunteer service also is a highly valued form of service.
  • There are varying expectations across units regarding the participation of junior faculty in service activities.
  • Speak with your Unit Executive Officer (UEO, Department Head) about their expectations (e.g., total % effort)
  • For Promotion and Tenure (P&T) service is a key consideration
  • For P&T Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statement is required for faculty who join after July 31, 2021; optional for current faculty.

Maintain a record of your service for P&T FORMS

Records of:

-Inclusive dates

-Details of impact or special recognition

-since last personnel action or for the past 5 years, whichever is greater

How to get involved with the College?

  • Administration of a department or other formally organized unit of instruction or of a clinical service.
  • Director of special departmental or interdepartmental training or research programs.
  • Service as a class or student advisor.
  • Member of department, program, College, or University governing bodies or committees.
  • Representative of the department, program, College, or University to outside agencies.
  • Chairperson of course committees.
  • Appointment or election to offices in local, regional and national medical societies.
  • Service to local institution, hospital, and community


The Committee on Committees develops standing committee slates each July based on faculty interest, balanced representation of departments, and diversity of membership.

Faculty are invited to indicate their interest in committee service via an annual survey sent in June.  Opportunities for involvement include service on committees relating to:

  • Admissions
  • Instruction and Appraisal
  • Student Promotions
  • Research
  • Student Awards and Scholarships
  • Faculty Awards
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Student Experience
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Elections are held annually for the College Executive Committee (August) and the UIC Faculty Senate (February).

Service to Students

  • Medical/PhD Student
  • Career advisor (specialty)
  • Student research opportunities
  • Student organization faculty advisor
  • Administration, directorship, supervision, coordination, etc. of student organizations.
  • Medical Student Interviews

Service to the Profession/Discipline

  • Chairperson of course committees.
  • Design or delivery of continued medical education programs.
  • Appointment or election to offices in local, regional and national medical societies.
  • Grant review activities or editorship activities.

Service to the Public

ØExternal activities based on professional expertise and related to UIC’s mission

Service in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

  • Leadership or membership in an organization or committee related to equity and inclusion.
  • Participation and/or leadership in efforts to increase participation of underrepresented students in undergraduate, medical, graduate and residency programs.
  • Service for or joint initiatives with state or national organizations with an emphasis on equity and inclusion.
  • Participation and/or leadership in academic preparation, outreach, tutoring, pipeline or other programs designed to remove barriers facing women, minorities, and other groups historically excluded from higher education.
  • Participation and/or leadership in recruitment and retention activities.
  • Service on local or statewide committees and boards focused on issues of equity and inclusion.
  • Presentations for under-represented communities.