Strategic Planning Overview

In the fall of 2018, the University of Illinois College of Medicine embarked on an inclusive and highly participatory strategic planning process that aimed to engage a diverse group of stakeholders across the college who, through their work together, will set a bold vision for the coming years. The goal is to develop a comprehensive strategic plan which will identify the guiding principles and future vision of UI COM and establish a clear path for executing on those plans. In addition, the strategic plan will focus on defining how UI COM is organized across various campuses and functions within the academic enterprise, while clarifying the identity, brand, and market positioning for the college.

The resulting strategic plan will position UI COM to effectively excel in medical education, research, care delivery, and public service in an increasingly unpredictable academic medicine market. This process will explore ways to increase organizational alignment and to develop a clear set of strategic priorities that is focused on the future and disciplined reinvestment into the academic enterprise.

The process will embrace and appreciate UI COM’s strategic plan needs to incorporate the market dynamics and subculture of several academic and medical communities (i.e., across multiple campuses) and ensure that emerging strategies of UI COM and UI Health are integrated with one another with respect to the Chicago market.

The strategic planning process is expected to take between six and nine months to complete, based on the Fall 2018 commencement of the process.

The Key components of a strategic plan are: Mission, Vision and Values; Goals; Measurable Outcomes; Strategic Initiatives; and Tactics.

See where we currently reside in the process:

Project Activities and Timeline Chart