Strategy 7: Enhance partnerships that strengthen UI COM

Enhance existing, and pursue new, partnerships that advance UI COM strategies across all mission areas and are beneficial to the college and its partners.

  • Conduct scan of national best practices from other AMCs around partnership ideals and synthesize best practices for discussion and reference
  • Take inventory of internal (UI COM and UIC) programs that work directly on partnering and/or community needs and determine how we can most effectively collaborate with each: 1) build a resource list of all internal programs along with a short description of their focus areas and key contacts 2) Invite groups to presents a brief overview of their mission, services, principles, and intended outcomes 3) establish a summary of key themes, principles, and best practices emanating from these programs around partnership and community needs 4) determine what we feel comfortable endorsing on behalf of COM 5) establish areas of alignment and path for ongoing collaborations with programs.
  • Establish a focus group of current (key) partners to work with COM to further brainstorm ideals on partnering
  • Leveraging internal and external best practice along with community partner input, develop a written proposal for a more comprehensive and inclusive definition of partnership for COM along with proposed partnership ideals
  • Collaborate with our other strategic planning committees to consider/adapt expectations for partner commitments based on type of partner relationship, e.g. medical affiliates versus community-based (as partnerships, we may insist on certain norms, but it won’t be a one-size fits all partnership relationship framework)
  • Define milestones and metrics around community engagement principles and design a process to assess UICOM’s on-going progress

Steve Brown, Joanna Michel Morgan Benson, Michele Mariscalco, Nancy Tartt, Beth Wrona Murphy

  • Critically review and adopt definition(s) of collaborative practice and “high value” (or high performing) teams as standard for UI COMb) Develop strategy to disseminate Tactic 7a  information to internal stakeholders (faculty, staff, trainees), internal partners (UIHealth & Milesquare) & external partners
  • Inventory and evaluate the quality of interprofessional education and interprofessional practice across UICOM
  • Align strategy for IPE with existing healthcare delivery partners and other educational/academic units, seek additional partners for IPE
  • Create opportunities & identify resources to develop new or reconfigure existing group into high value teams/high value collaborative practice. Structure training, evaluation (using quadruple aim) and “reward around development and performance”

Michele MariscalcoPaul Gorski, Subcommittee Additions: Linda Feng Chang, Nicole Gastala, Bhrandon Harris, Christiana Hentea, Mary Keehn, Angela O’Bryant, Christine Park, Kevin Rynn, Lauren Smith

  • Define “Major Educational Affiliate”
  • Develop gap analysis and action plan for 1-3 Affiliates

Michele Mariscalco, Ray Curry

  • Develop framework to guide assessment of partners needs and goals
  • Develop systematic approach to assess business potential of the partnership
  • Define roles necessary to manage complex partnership and establish team
  • Develop protocols to ensure transparency of data & outcomes to core constituents
  • Define an UICOM oversight team to assess the partnership
  • Establish a mechanism for UICOM faculty to input/list their strengths, i.e. “Centers” or ‘areas of excellence’

Andrew Kreppel, Sean Koppe, Steve Brown, Terry Lynch, Nancy Tartt, Subcommittee Additions: Joe Garry, Ian Jasenof, Adhir Schroff


Michael Flavin, Peter Pfanner, Sandeep Jain, Jerry Krishnan, Luisa di Pietro, Bellur Prabhakar

  • Organize UICOM infrastructure to increase awareness and ease of access UIC faculty to VA research opportunities
  • Facilitate clinical and basic science research for UIC/VA faculty and/or recruit VA patients to non-VA Clinical Trials
  • Increase UIC physician engagement in VA Service Lines
  • Optimize UIC physician trainees at the VA

Karen Lenehan, Patrick Godwin, Peter Burkiewicz, Abby Litwiller, Gia Mac, Michele Mariscalco, Bellur Prabhakar

  • Organize a UICOM infrastructure to leverage global partnerships for health
  • Define what constitutes an institutional global partnership at various levels
  • Conduct an annual mapping exercise to inventory and categorize existing and new global partnerships
  • Define the milestones that grow global partnerships for health

Janet Lin, Sarah Stewart de Ramirez, Gia Mac, Subcommittee Additions: Marcia Edison, Joe Garry, Gelila Goba, Manu Khare, Nicole Robertson, Mary Stapel, Steve Weine


Success Metrics

Metric 1 (S7M1):

Number and diversity of collaborative partnerships that meet the mission of the COM (i.e., research, clinical, social outreach, engagement)


Current Value:


Target Value: