Strategy 9: Diversify and grow revenue portfolio

Enabling Strategy

  • Engage consultant to help develop new COM/UIH funds flow agreement
  • Finalize Peoria Pediatrics Profess Svcs agree with OSF; just starting with adult clinical svcs
  • Explore UIH interest in services at Peoria and Rockford campuses
  • Rockford contract with Winnebago City Jail
  • Opportunity in Rockford to create funds flow agreement with local hospital system
  • Recruit new leadership for both COM Adv and VCHA Adv, incl strong deputy to ensure continuity
  • In the meantime, standardize monthly reporting on new gifts, etc.
  • Formalize a grateful patient giving program
  • Determine ideal org structure and reporting lines
  • Set annual giving goals, based on needs, feedback from leaders, shared information about prospective donors, and trends in the academic marketplace
  • Establish more robust process for capturing gifts-in-kind (e.g., equipment, software, other kinds of resources)
  • Ensure that all alumni – including residents, fellows, and post-docs – are captured for tracking as prospective future donors, as well as graduating medical students and graduate students
  • Feed in program plans and priorities for fund-raising plans
  • Create roles/expectations so that key faculty, leaders, and admin staff all work most productively with the Advancement team; this may include dedicating certain Advancement staff with certain units within the College
  • Identify the intellectual property that has the most appeal; this includes creating a repository of expertise within the College; also includes a general ROI formula to vet potential opportunities for their value to the College (e.g., returns beyond just offsetting existing overhead costs)
  • Market our IP to potential buyers; could include expertise of our administrative staff offered as consultants to other organizations
  • Strengthen continuing medical ed offerings for practicing MD’s; includes offering simulation programs – in robotic surgery, in healthcare training.
  • Create a standardized framework for pitching opportunities to potential international partners
  • Create process to define annual “lobbying” goals/targets/priorities
  • Identify natural alliances and work with those potential partners (e.g., other medical schools in the state; other public universities; etc.)
  • Ensure that we know all of the local resources & programs?
  • Develop materials to advertise UI COM success in attracting and graduating new physicians of color; align with UIC undergraduate programs and units that provide a pipeline of those students
  • Develop framework for measuring outcomes and demonstrating results that we produce; alert departments and programs of the need to generate these outcome measures; cf Program Review framework
  • Leverage students with interest in health policy
  • Consult with curricular affairs to identify electives of interest to visiting students
  • Evaluate market rate for fees
  • Submit per credit hour or course fee for visiting students to UI for approval
  • Begin marketing to visiting students
  • Also identify opportunities to present research to the community and visiting students; cf Humanities Festival
  • Create certificate for medical interpretation for non-English speakers (eg those already bi-lingual in Spanish)
  • Create inter-professional education offerings, eg to fill new bldg in Rockford
  • Survey undergraduate deans to identify gaps in availability of tenure system faculty
  • Survey faculty capacity and expertise
  • Inventory current connections with undergrad students (e.g. summer research opportunities) and determine whether any of those can/should be monetized; could include courses, certificates, internships, etc.
  • Also identify programs or offerings that could be of interest to high school students (willing to pay?); interested in health science professions; maybe create more formal internship structure [note that generally pipeline programs don’t charge so as not to dissuade disadvantaged students who would struggle to pay]

Success Metrics

Metric 1 (S9M1):

Percentage of revenue from sources other than tuition and state funds


Current Value:


Target Value:


Committee Notes

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