Community Forums

Community forums were an opportunity for UI COM stakeholders to learn more about the strategic planning process and to provide ongoing input.

The first set of forums, in May, were an opportunity for participants to help set the direction of our plan and to provide input on any and all existing concerns.

The September forums included a session providing an overview of our strategic-planning process and output to date. They also included a separate session involving a set of interactive poster-board stations in which attendees could learn and comment on the specifics of each of our 10 proposed strategies and respective tactics.

Visit the strategic output page to learn more about the development of the strategic plan.

September Community Forum Presentation

Community Forums Output

In May 2019, UI COM leadership led a series of community forums to orient Chicago, Peoria, Rockford, and Urbana stakeholders regarding the strategic planning process and to solicit their input to deepen and expand on strategic planning efforts made to date. These forums consisted of town hall meetings and a variety of breakout sessions. The town halls provided introductions and opening remarks, project status updates, and guidance on the breakout sessions, and they encouraged the audience to engage in open discussion with leadership to initiate the iterative process. During the breakout sessions, work groups presented their focus areas, drafted goals, outcomes, and strategic initiatives, and gave attendees the opportunity to challenge and strengthen the presented content.

This document presents attendees’ comments as captured by ECG during the community forums. Attendees provided a variety of perspectives in defining how the multiple campuses are currently operating and how they fit into the larger UI COM system. They also presented observations on a desired future state for UI COM as it relates to the college’s education, research, and clinical service missions.