Implementation Phase

The College of Medicine identified seven key areas to prioritize as immediate initiatives to pursue in year one of the strategic plan implementation. To oversee these initiatives and the implementation of all 10 strategies that comprise the strategic plan, the COM will develop a formal oversight structure to support the management of the implementation plan.

Strategy owners have been preliminarily identified who will be responsible for ensuring each strategy’s successful implementation. Steps will be taken to ensure appropriate integration of the strategic plan across campuses, departments, and divisions.  The hard work is just beginning, but we are comfortable that we have a clear and unified direction in which to proceed.

In addition to the metrics defined at the strategy level, a set of global outcome metrics have been identified to measure the success of the strategic plan.

Global Success Metrics

  • Student education satisfaction/engagement survey scores
  • Faculty and staff satisfaction/engagement survey scores
  • Number of student applications and yield rate among diverse candidates
  • Number of faculty/staff recruitments and yield rates among diverse candidates
  • Growth in gifts and endowments
  • Operating revenue and expense ratios (operating revenue per faculty FTE, expenses per total FTE, expenses per staff or faculty FTE, etc.)
  • U.S. News & World Report Rankings
    • U.S. News & World Report COM ranking
    • Number of ranked specialties
  • Research grant $/PI
  • Team- and center-based grants as a percentage of total grant funding
  • Access to care: average number of days to the third next available appointment (all types)
  • Average WRVUs per CFTE (all departments, divisions)
  • Social accountability