Implementation Phase

During the Planning Phase, the College of Medicine identified seven key areas to prioritize as immediate initiatives to pursue in year one of the strategic plan implementation. To oversee these initiatives and the implementation of all 10 strategies that comprise the strategic plan, the COM has developed a formal oversight structure. This governance structure is different than that of the planning phase and has been established to be inclusive of the key leaders who will be necessary to provide input and oversight in our implementation roll-out. The structure will also ensure that input is regularly being solicited by multiple groups, including the College Executive Committee.

Executive Planning Council

As per the above diagram, the implementation stage of the strategic planning process is being overseen by the Executive Planning Council. The Executive Planning Council is well-suited to provide guidance and oversight as it is comprised of the executive Dean and each of the regional deans along with the leads for each of the 10 strategy committees.

In order to keep the community informed and to solicit additional input, regular updates on the progress of the implementation are being provided to the college executive committee as well as other college leadership committees via the office of strategic initiatives, which is headed by the Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Planning, Vanessa Peoples.

Strategy Leads have been identified who will be responsible for ensuring each strategy’s successful implementation. Each Strategy Lead will chair a strategy working group which will drive the action planning for each strategy based on the output from the planning phase. These groups will be comprised of members from all campuses and will collaborate closely with additional functional representatives from each of the campuses to ensure appropriate integration of the strategic plan across campuses and eventually at the departments and division level within the campuses. The hard work is just beginning, but we are comfortable that we have a clear and unified direction in which to proceed.