With development of the Strategic Plan completed in the Fall of 2019, the next phase of the strategic planning process is implementation.

Recommended Year One Initiatives

Six areas of focus have been identified for UI COM to prioritize as immediate initiatives to pursue within the next 12 months. Focus areas are aligned to specific tactics within the strategic plan.

  • Develop an analysis of current clinical operations, provider productivity, resource utilization of the ambulatory enterprise, identifying areas of underperformance and opportunities for improvement.
  • Reassess the organizational structure for ambulatory operations.
  • Identify specific areas of opportunity for improved operational efficiency and cross-functional collaboration within the entire UI Health enterprise.
  • Assess front-end and clinical staffing across the organization.
  • Develop and implement a prioritized roadmap for the ambulatory management team to improve performance.
  • Assess existing funds flow arrangement and develop financial baseline.
  • Map funds flow between all organizational units.
  • Develop key funds flow principles consistent with shared goals of organization.
  • Identify alternative funds flow options and methodologies for consideration.
  • Develop funds flow framework and determine financial impact of revised funds flow model.
  • Develop transition and implementation plan.
  • Develop communication plan and conduct work sessions with primary stakeholders, including trainees, faculty and staff.
  • Develop the vision and research objectives of the enterprise.
  • Identify the ideal organizational and research infrastructure to create an integrated enterprise.
  • Identify the recruitment requirements necessary to align with the research investments and areas of excellence of the enterprise.
  • Develop the financial strategy to create a sustainable research enterprise over the next 10 years.
  • Evaluate the research gaps against the desired future state and benchmarks.
  • Determine tools that will be utilized to support a research excellence framework across the organization.
  • Inventory the current diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives that have been developed across the COM.
  • Clearly align diversity and inclusion goals spread across multiple functional units with the COM’s mission, vision and values.
  • Establish / refine advocacy program.
  • Incorporate D&I into the training and development of faculty, staff, students and trainees.
  • Develop an assessment and data strategy to understand the landscape across the D&I environment.
  • Focus on determining strategy to increase visibility of UI COM on a national platform to attract individuals of talent.
  • Assess current governance and operating model in an effort to determine areas of strategic efficiencies.
  • Develop an administrative support structure for the college that aims to limit functional redundancies (e.g., HR, purchasing, finance, IT).
  • Initiate an IT strategic assessment to evaluate the future needs of COM administration, research growth, education delivery, and clinical care.
  • Assess and enhance operational reports to facilitate organizational decision-making.
  • Develop a transparent financial framework that delivers performance reports to key stakeholders across the COM.
  • Complete a thorough gap analysis and inventory of the branding variances UI COM has internally and externally.
  • Initiate discussions with campus executive leaders on the branding and identity strategy for UI COM.
  • Develop proposed identity and branding guidelines that are specific to each UI COM unit, division, department, and campus.

Next Steps

Update strategies and tactics based on feedback today.

Finalize the strategic and implementation plans.

Position UI COM to execute on Year One initiatives and tactics.