Implementation Process & Responsibilities: FAQs for Strategy Committee Chairs

Is the strategy committee responsible for the actual implementation of the Key Activities within each Tactic?

This does not mean that the committee itself will undertake all of the work that each of these Key Activities entails. Rather, it means that the group will provide oversight, help define available options for achievement, estimate resource requirements and constraints, and monitor status. The group will identify and engage with the relevant functional leads to manage the detailed development, and the group will continue to provide oversight for the development of those detailed plans. There will not be a separate set of strategy committees outside of these committees that works specifically on the detailed implementation. As and when committees can leverage decisions, information, or programs initiated by other groups within or outside of UI COM, we encourage this as a starting point with which to expand our strategic agenda.

How will we determine whether the recommended Key Activities are feasible?

There may be various paths or options for achieving tactics that require different levels of resources. In cases where the proposed Key Activities require incremental resources or significant reallocation of existing resources, the committee will be charged with thinking through potential options with similar results and lesser resource constraints. Once the available options/paths have been established, the Dean’s Office can help estimate the total cost for each option. Please use the attached “SP Request for Estimate” form to write up and submit a detailed description of options to Assistant Dean for Strategic Planning. Options can then be reviewed with the Dean. The form can be found in the following BOX folder:

Where do we go once we know the committee needs additional resources or data in order to advance the implementation of its Key Activities?

Once the committee members have a common and agreed understanding of what is needed to move forward, a request for data or resources should be submitted to the Assistant Dean for Strategic Planning using the “SP Request for Resources” form in the following BOX folder:

Upon the Dean’s approval, the assistant dean will then work with the appropriate people in the Dean’s office to help identify those additional resources and/or secure the necessary data/information.

Do we have any background data, such as SWOT analysis, Peer Comparisons, etc., we can review to advance our thinking on focus for path forward?

Yes, during the planning phase, with the assistance of our external consultants, an intensive background analysis of our organization was completed. The output of that analysis can be found in the following BOX folder:

Also, the Deans office now has its own Data Analytics group. This group may already have or in some cases may be able to help us secure background data that could be useful to our analysis. Please let the Assistant Dean for Strategic Planning know if there is specific data which you think would be helpful.

Do you have any suggestions for how to go about thinking through Strategy-wide Success Metrics? I know that these will be published and monitored on our online dashboard, so I want to make sure we establish the right set of metrics.

Yes, for a summary of helpful hints for generating your committee’s strategy-wide success metrics, please review this document in BOX: “Strategy Metrics Guide” in the following BOX folder:

If you are still feeling you need additional information or support, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Assistant Dean for Strategic Planning to discuss.

What should our committee be focusing on if we have finalized our Key Activities as well as our Strategy-wide Success Metrics

Great! It is time to start building and monitoring the detailed action plans around each Key Activity. Ideally these plans will be developed in writing, agreed by the entire tactic subcommittee (when applicable), and submitted for approval to the strategy committee. If additional support is needed in the development of these plans, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Assistant Dean for Strategic Planning.

What role does my committee have in populating the online Dashboard?

The Assistant Dean for Strategic Planning, with the support of the COM web coordinator, will copy the Key Activities and Strategy-wide Success Metrics, once finalized, from your respective IMT into the online dashboard. There is no additional effort required by your committee. Once Key Activities and Strategy-wide Success Metrics are populated in Dashboard, the Assistant Dean for Strategic Planning will work with you to update the online status of your Tactics and Metrics at least every other month.