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UIC opens three new health care simulation centers

September 13, 2019 View the fact sheet This fall, the University of Illinois at Chicago celebrates the opening of three health care simulation centers. The facilities, which are run individually by the university’s College of Medicine, College of Nursing and College of Pharmacy, use specially trained actors, advanced and computerized manikins of all ages, and simulated environments to help students and health care professionals practice clinical skills, communication and decision-making skills, and get hands-on training in medical diagnosis, treatment [...]

Craniofacial center to celebrate 70 years

September 3, 2019 UI Health Craniofacial Center’s Alma Moya and patient. The UI Health Craniofacial Center will celebrate its 70th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, the center will host a multidisciplinary patient care symposium Sept. 6 at UIC Student Center West. The symposium will provide a snapshot of past, present and future state-of-the-art care for patients with clefts and other craniofacial conditions, and it will focus on the importance of team-based care. “The idea to provide multidisciplinary [...]

Global transplant program welcomes international doctors to UIC

August 29, 2019 A team of doctors from around the globe is in Chicago to attend the 2nd GlobalBMT training course and learn more about blood and marrow transplant (BMT) from University of Illinois at Chicago specialists. The four doctors will spend eight weeks at UI Health, which is UIC’s clinical health enterprise, observing the transplant team, participating in planning meetings and attending patient rounds and lectures. The doctors are from Greece, Nigeria and Ukraine. They are working with [...]

Boosting the anti-inflammatory action of the immune system

July 30, 2019 Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have identified a molecular switch that causes immune cells called macrophages to clean up cellular debris caused by infections instead of contributing to inflammation and tissue injury. Their findings are reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Macrophages are a type of immune cell found throughout the body. These cells can produce inflammation, which is good in moderation because inflammatory signals bring other immune cells to a [...]

Researchers describe new ALS biomarkers, potential new drug targets

July 15, 2019 Different types of neurons and associated cells are found in spinal tissue from patients who died of ALS. Image: Fei Song. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, is an adult-onset neurodegenerative disease that causes paralysis and ultimately death when the nerves enervating the lungs cease to carry the signals needed for breathing. The disease has what is called a “focal onset,” where paralysis starts with an arm or a leg and spreads throughout the body [...]

Robotic pancreas transplant offers hope for obese patients with Type 1 diabetes

July 10, 2019 Left to right: Dr. Mario Spaggiari, Arlys Martinez and Dr. Enrico Benedetti. For patients with Type 1 diabetes who don’t respond well to insulin or have other serious medical complications caused by their disease, pancreas transplantation offers hope for a cure. But obese candidates who need a pancreas transplant often are denied the procedure because of poor outcomes, including high rates of incision infections, which are linked to an increased risk for failure and [...]

UI COM mourns the passing of former Executive Dean Truman O. Anderson, Jr.

July 9, 2019 Dr. Truman O. Anderson Jr. Dr. Truman O. Anderson Jr., a longtime faculty member and administrator in the College of Medicine, died July 6 after suffering a stroke the previous week. He was 92. Anderson, a longtime resident of Oak Park, was a former professor and emeritus professor of medicine and administrator in the UIC College of Medicine. He taught at UIC for 50 years. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1944 [...]

‘Chaos’ in the home linked to poor asthma control in children

July 9, 2019 A chaotic household – one where things just don’t seem to run smoothly, there’s lots of noise, little gets taken care of in a timely manner, and where relaxation is difficult – as well as child and parent depression, are risk factors for worse asthma outcomes in urban minority children, according to a new paper published in the journal Pediatrics. “Higher levels of chaos – lack of organization or set routines, among other things – seems to [...]

Docs should consider a patient’s weight before prescribing new chemotherapy drugs

July 1, 2019 A new class of cancer drugs just now entering the marketplace seems promising so far, but researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago urge doctors to take into account a patient’s weight and liver status before prescribing them. The drugs are known as PI3K inhibitors, and they dramatically decrease the activation of a pathway commonly used by cancer cells to survive and multiply. But in a new mouse study published in the Proceedings of the National [...]

Researchers reveal key role of pressure-sensing protein in lung edema

June 11, 2019 Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago describe for the first time the role of a unique, pressure-sensing protein in the development of lung edema — a condition in which chronic high vascular pressure in the lungs causes fluid from the bloodstream to enter the air spaces of the lungs. The results, which are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggest that suppressing the activity of the protein could be a new approach to [...]