The University of Illinois College of Medicine will offer in-state tuition this fall to students who are members of any of the 573 tribal nations recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.


The move follows a decision by the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2019 to offer the tuition program to undergraduate students who met the same criteria. The College of Medicine is the first postgraduate division at UIC to offer the tuition program.


“We’re pleased to join with UIC in offering this tuition program, which essentially eliminates the obstacle of out-of-state tuition for an underrepresented group of prospective students,” College of Medicine Executive Dean Mark I. Rosenblatt said. “As was noted last year when UIC implemented the program, this creates a more level playing ground for Native Americans while improving education equity with the intention of breaking down barriers that have negatively impacted indigenous people.”


Eligibility for the tuition offer eliminates state residency requirements. If a prospective student’s tribe is listed as one of the 573 federally recognized entities, the student will be eligible for in-state tuition.


The savings for eligible students equates to about $33,000 per year for the four-year MD program.


“Quite simply, our mission is to advance health for everyone through outstanding education, research, clinical care and social responsibility,” Associate Dean of Admissions Trevonne Thompson said. “This program fits wonderfully with our mission.