Virtual Forum Submission Instructions


Each participant will be required to submit a PDF of their poster.

Before uploading, make sure your poster meets the following criteria:

  1. The format should be PDF
  2. The filename should be the Presenting Author’s name formatted “lastname_firstname.pdf”
  3. The poster size should be 1920 x 1080, landscape orientation.


In order to ensure everyone’s safety and allow as many people to participate across our four campuses, we have decided that this year’s event will be virtual.  Each participant will be required to submit a video of their poster presentation.  A guide to what should be included in your video is below.

  1. Your poster in a nutshell: Prepare and practice a short summary (the “elevator speech”) about:
    1. Who you are (“I am Firstname Lastname, I am an M3, planning to go into Derm.”)
    2. Why your study is important (“We have limited methods for early identification of certain types of skin cancers, which impacts mortality rates. This study explores new methods for early detection and better treatment results.”)
    3. The main method you used in your study (“Non-invasive imaging tools – low power lasers – for detecting melanomas compared to biopsies.”)
    4. Your results in simple terms (“Using the low-power lasers – reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) – meant that we had clear images without the need for a biopsy. RCM also helped to confirm margins during surgery rather than waiting for biopsy results.”)
  2. The scientific method, in your own words. In your presentation, explain:
    1. What was your hypothesis or key question?
    2. How did you test your hypothesis?
    3. What were your results and why are they important? (e.g., less scarring but accurate diagnosis; this might result in patients being less afraid of skin cancer screening and treatment)
    4. What limitations did your study have? (e.g., small N, limited range of skin types or patient ages)
    5. Based on your study, what should be done next? (What is the question that emerged from this study?)
  3. Who is your team? Give a shout-out to the department, faculty, lab or team you are working with.
  4. The impact on you: Be prepared to say what you enjoyed about the experience. How did this experience help you think about your future as a physician?
  5. Remember to dress professionally.

Videos must be recorded and edited by the student.  Remember, the judges need to be able to watch your video in order to score your presentation.

If you want to reserve a room for make their own video, you should follow the student study reservation process.

If you need assistance with your video (recording and saving), COMIR will be offering assistance at the following times: 2 to 4 p.m. on Oct. 18-22 and Oct 25-29 in CMWT 106. COMIR will show students how to use a College of Medicine podium to record via Zoom. Students will be able to record to the cloud so that the video will be accessible to them anywhere. Students will be responsible for editing their own video.

After receiving a reservation confirmation, students can forward that to [email protected] using Subject Line: Research Day Recording YOUR NETID HERE to request assistance learning how to use the cameras and Zoom to make a Cloud recording of their presentation. In general staff require one week notice to be able to accommodate assistance requests.

When filling out your submission you will be required to insert the URL to your video.  Please make sure that viewing the video does not require any special login.

  1. The format should be a BOX LINK (Log into, upload your video, then select the ellipses for more options, select More Action and then select Embed Widget. Copy the embed code and paste below.)
  2. The filename should be the Presenting Author’s name formatted “lastname_firstname”
  3. The video size should be 500 x 400, Medium size.
  4. Video should be 5 minutes length recording time.
  5. File size should be no larger than 240MB.

Abstracts must be 250 words in length.  Please email a clean word copy to [email protected] as symbols do not always appear when uploaded.