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University of Illinois College of Medicine

University of Illinois College of Medicine is one of the largest medical schools in the country. Our diverse student body of 1,351 students hails from a wide variety of cultural and economic backgrounds. This diversity adds to the rich educational experience that is the College of Medicine.

The College’s four campuses—located in Chicago, Peoria, Rockford, and Urbana — take advantage of the state’s urban and rural environments and offer numerous opportunities for clinical training and research. Our distinguished faculty contributes to the college’s reputation as one of the best schools for both undergraduate and graduate medical education. The College’s 75 residency programs are highly sought after.

Our Mission:

To produce new knowledge in the medical sciences, develop best practices in health care delivery, and educate the next generation of physicians and biomedical scientists committed to serving the needs of Illinois and the nation.

For the UIC College of Medicine, this mission is guided by the following values:

Excellence everywhere – in research, education and clinical work.
Collaboration with all who can advance our mission at UIC and UIUC, the medical district and other institutions world-wide.
Diversity- in all its forms from students, to areas of research to collaborative partners- as a means to a higher quality of health care for all.
Innovation and Translation of new knowledge and new approaches to disease and health care delivery.
Integrity and Commitment to the people we work with as patients, research subjects, communities and our own students, faculty and staff.
The Promise of Hope for our patients and supporters by striving toward cures for diseases that have plagued humankind for millennia.

A message from Dean Azar

Dimitri T. Azar, MD, MBAOur commitment to shaping the future of medicine manifests itself in the educational, research and clinical goals of the college. Our focus stays fixed on providing an excellent education to our diverse body of graduate and medical students, and trainees.

The Class of 2012 had a 98 percent match rate, and as I attended the celebration earlier this year the excitement of students matching to highly competitive program specialties across the country was contagious. This palpable passion for academic excellence and leadership is the mark of a University of Illinois College of Medicine student. These virtues will allow each of them to pursue and excel in their individual interests in medicine and biomedical research.

We will continue to shape the future of medicine through excellent teaching, active learning, faculty development and enhanced educational programs. As the College of Medicine undertakes exciting university wide technological innovations and modernization to the physical educational environment, we will continue to showcase our academically distinct and talented Illinois Medicine community. Together we will shape the future of medicine.

We welcome your questions. Please contact us.