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Mid-Probationary Reviews

(for Assistant Professors in the tenure track and for Associate Professors and Professors on a Q contract)

Campus policy requires that a formal, internal review take place no later than the mid-point of a faculty member’s probationary period on the tenure track at UIC, unless a decision not to retain is reached before the time a formal review would be scheduled. For most probationary faculty this review will occur in their third year at UIC. The intent is to provide an assessment of the faculty member at a date late enough to permit reasonable review of his or her progress toward tenure since the initial appointment, and early enough to give useful guidance to him or her in preparing for any subsequent review. Faculty members may request such a review at any time and should request it if the department fails to undertake a mid-probationary review in a timely fashion.

Mid-probationary reviews must include assessment of teaching, scholarship, and service (including patient care activities where applicable).  Areas of strength and/or concern should be identified, to serve as guidance in the faculty member’s progress toward tenure.  A written assessment including all of the areas listed above should be reviewed with the candidate, along with the departmental norms and the College criteria for promotion. The formal review will be included in the P&T dossier when the candidate goes up for tenure review.

As part of the mid-probationary review process, it is strongly recommended that the faculty member develop a preliminary draft of their promotion and tenure packet using the abbreviated form available here:


Abbreviated P&T Form for mid-probationary review process


This year’s mid-probationary reviews are due to the Dean’s Office by May 10, 2017.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs.