Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Illinois College of Medicine! Before you matriculate this fall, please take note and mark your calendar for important PTE and CTE dates and deadlines.

Accepting Your Offer

  • Selecting your campus assignment
    • Once an offer has been made to you, please log in to the Secondary Application Portal to select “Accept” and then proceed with ranking your campuses.
      • Campus assignments are made February-March of each application cycle. 
      • Visit Campus Selection for more information.
  • Accepting Technical Standards
    • Through the Secondary Application Portal, scroll to the “Pre Matriculation” menu on the left hand side, and select “Technical Standards.”
    • To review a copy before signing, click here.

Plan to enroll (PTE) through Choose Your Medical School (CYMS) in AMCAS*

  • Between February and April 15th, AMCAS will require you to narrow down your PTE options to only three schools with which you hold acceptances (there is no limit to the number of waitlists you can hold).
  • UICOM’s own PTE deadline is April 30th of the year you plan to matriculate, which will reserve a seat for you here.
  • Selecting PTE at UICOM by April 30th indicates that you have selected us as one of only three medical schools that you are considering attending. There is no limit to the number of waitlists you can be on.

Commit to enroll (CTE) through Choose Your Medical School (CYMS) in AMCAS*

  • Selecting “Commit to Enroll” indicates that you have made a commitment to join our program and are not holding any other offers or positions on any waitlists.
  • Commit to Enroll (CTE) becomes available on April 30th.
  • CTE deadline is July 1 of the year you plan to matriculate.

*Failure to PTE or CTE by the required deadlines communicates to UICOM that you will not be matriculating with us in the fall and you will be removed from the entering class.


Accepted students will receive communication in May about completing the below requirements. To get a sense of what to expect, please review the items below.


  • We utilize Castlebranch services for immunizations, labs, and titers. Many of these requirements are due before you matriculate, and some can be completed after classes begin. For a full list of all that is required, visit Immunization Requirements.

Background Checks

  • UICOM uses Accurate Biometrics to complete matriculating student background checks. Detailed information will be sent, but is summarized below:
    • Illinois matriculants:
      • Visit any of Accurate Biometrics’ locations in IL with the completed FP Form.  Note: no appointments are required; all are walk-in. For more assistance, call their customer service department at 1-866-361-9944.
    • Out of State matriculants:
      • Ink and roll fingerprints taken on an FBI (FD-258) card or live scanned fingerprints directly printed on the FD-258 card are required. A local law enforcement agency can provide this service for you.
      • Instructions  for out of state students
      • The above FP Form can be mailed directly to Accurate Biometrics.

Sending Final Transcripts

  • Transcripts that show a completion of your bachelors degree is required. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we can only accept electronic transcripts (sent to [email protected]), or FedEx’d transcripts sent to our offices (808 S. Wood St., MC 783 Chicago, IL 60612).

Deferral Requests

  • While the general preference of the Committee on Admissions is to avoid deferral of matriculation, we understand that life’s circumstances may not always accommodate starting medical school with your admitted class. Accepted applicants who wish to request a deferral for up to one year may submit, in writing, a request to do so and send to [email protected].

Common Questions

  • Accepted students should visit our Campus Tours and Assignments page for details about each campus, and about the Campus Assignment process.
  • Fundraising for scholarships to make medical education more affordable is our priority. There is no additional application required to be considered. Explore the available scholarships here.
  • Financial aid is distributed by mid-March of each application cycle. Visit Financial Aid or email [email protected] for personalized information about your aid.