The Dean’s Distinguished Lecture series was launched in the fall of 2022 in order to highlight research topics that integrate efforts by multidisciplinary teams. Biomedical science research has become a “team sport” and requires a variety of subject matter and technical expertise including Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Systems Biology, Immunology, MultiOmics, high-end Imaging Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, as well as clinical specialty expertise. Given this reality, it is essential to engage our junior faculty, fellows, residents, and students to lectures and seminars on multidisciplinary research topics in which teams are working together to solve major scientific problems.

The purpose of the Dean’s Distinguished Lecture series is to expose all members of the UI COM research community to leading-edge science that involves both the depth and the breadth of scientific knowledge and technical expertise. This series will host scientists who are leaders in important areas of contemporary scientific endeavors and who have made seminal contributions.

Upcoming Lecture

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Past Dean’s Lectures

Innovation in Medicine and Health Care Delivery – A Perspective

January 19, 2023
K. Ranga Rama Krishnan, MB, ChB

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Lessons from Ophthalmology About Where We’re Heading

October 4, 2022
Michael F. Chiang, Director of the National Eye Institute