Campus Tours

  • Take a virtual campus tour! The University of Illinois College of Medicine (UICOM) has three campuses in Chicago, Peoria, and Rockford. Curriculum is delivered simultaneously and in-person on all three campuses by UICOM faculty. While campus assignments takes place after Interview Day, we invite you to get to know each campus and the unique opportunities on each via the virtual tours below:

Campus Assignment Process

  • Accepted students are admitted to the UICOM system. Students will be asked to rank their top two campuses when they accept the offer for admission. Campus assignment will be shared no later than March 30th via the Secondary Applicant Portal. The factors considered for campus assignment are all in alignment with the specific mission of each campus and include, but are not limited to, where the student interviewed and the content of the application. The college makes every effort to assign admitted students to their first choice of campus, however, it is not always possible. 

  • Admitted students who do not receive their first choice of campus, and wish to be considered for campus reassignment, should submit a request with the Campus Assignment Appeal Form. The request should contain professionally compelling reasons to support a campus reassignment. The campus reassignment review process will begin in early May after our PTE required date of 4/30/2022. 

  • Students who are accepted to a Scholarly Concentration Program located on a different campus will be prioritized for reassignment. 

  • Requests are reviewed on an ongoing basis until the class at each site is finalized. Any changes will be communicated by the OMCA via email and in the case of a change, an update to the application portal.

  • The OMCA cannot guarantee that requests will be granted since changes in assignments are based on availability of seats at the desired campus.