We insist on meeting you individually before extending an offer of admission because maintaining our culture and learning environment is integral to our joint success. Please take a look at the interview details below for our interview timeline and overall process.

UICOM Interview Quick Facts

  • Interviews are by invitation only and occur September-February
  • For the 2021-22 application cycle, all interviews will be conducted virtually on Zoom and via Zoom breakout rooms
  • Interview days typically start at 8am CT and end by 2pm CT. 
  • Interviews will consist of:
    • Orientation to our campuses and the day, presented by the Assistant Dean of Admissions
    • Art and Science faculty lecture by regional Deans
    • One round of Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)
    • One faculty interview
    • Closing thoughts and questions
  • Business professional attire is required
  • Zoom backgrounds are optional
  • A detailed itinerary will be sent to you one week before your interview by the OMCA

Decision Criteria for Interview Invitation (the Holistic Review)

  • Quantitative: Cumulative grade point average, science grade point average, and MCAT score are considered for each applicant in order to assess academic achievement.
  • Qualitative: Personal characteristics, such as motivation and communication skills are evaluated. Students are selected who demonstrate emotional stability, maturity, integrity, and the passion necessary for the successful study and practice of medicine.
  • Other: We seek to identify those applicants who will contribute academic, nonacademic, and socioeconomic diversity/heterogeneity to the entering class.


  • After you’ve completed your interview, your completed evaluation will be presented to the Committee on Admissions (COA) on the third Thursday of each month (if your interview falls on this same week, your application may not be reviewed until next month’s meeting).
  • Communications on acceptances and delayed decisions will be sent by the Friday following the COA meeting by 5pm.

Delayed Decision and Waitlist status

  • UICOM is a rolling admissions college. We believe that applicants who interview with us in September should have the same chance of getting in as those who interview with us in February. To that end, we pace our acceptances. This may result in a “Delayed Decision” status after you’ve interviewed with us. Your application will then be reviewed each month until the class is seated, at which point you will be placed on a formal waitlist. Please note: the waitlist is not publicly ranked.