Welcome to the UICOM Admissions Ambassadors webpage! Admissions Ambassadors work closely with the UICOM Admissions Office and perspective students to help plan and engage incoming students at a variety of events including: Interview Day, Second Look, UICOM Webinars, and many more. Take a look at our campus president(s) below.


Daniel Loizzo- M2
Daniel Loizzo- M2 Student Ambassador Co- President- Chicago
Undergrad/ Degree: Northwestern University, BA Neuroscience

Specialty Interests: Neurology, Child Neurology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Favorite Thing about UICOM: The people! I have found everyone to be so welcoming and often go out of their way to help out other students. Furthermore, the faculty are very accessible and supportive. Almost every Dean has an open door policy where any student can come directly to them with questions, comments, and concerns.

Alex Wind- M3
Alex Wind- M3Student Ambassador Co- President- Chicago
Undergrad/ Degree: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, BS in Physics (and minor in CS)

Specialty Interests: Internal Medicine

Favorite Thing about UICOM: How great the faculty are!! They constantly solicit feedback and they actually act on it (good and bad!). Loved a lecture from a professor? They’ll make sure that the professor knows and make sure it happens again for future students. Wish something was different? They’ll start working immediately to make it better in the future. It’s awesome!

Michelle Beetler
Michelle BeetlerStudent Ambassador Co- President- Peoria
Undergrad Institution: University of Notre Dame

Specialty Interests: Emergency Medicine

Favorite things about UICOM: Absolutely the people! I feel like we have such a great community full of supportive people, from my classmates to the deans, who just want us to succeed and be happy.

Sarah Coe- M4
Sarah Coe- M4Student Ambassador Co- President- Peoria
Undergrad Institution University of Iowa

Speciality Interest: Surgery

Favorite things about UICOM: In your preclinical years, all students receive 3 half-days during the week that are free from curricular duties. I believe that has been a great aspect to promote wellness, so that you can catch up on work, go grocery shopping, or take a much-needed nap

Rachel Miller- M3
Rachel Miller- M3Student Ambassador President - Rockford
Undergrad Institution: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

Specialty Interest: Considering Neurology

Favorite things about UICOM: My favorite part of UICOM is the amazing support of our faculty and staff and the close-knit community on the Rockford campus. Our small class size leads to close bonds between classmates and even between the various years. We also have direct access to community physicians as our professors and preceptors. Learning textbook and real-life medicine simultaneously during my M1 and M2 years along with the connections with local physicians I made have been invaluable to me during my clinical rotations.